Atlantic City Draft Analysis

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Thu Sep 25 11:17 AM

Atlantic City finished the 2039 season 7-9, thanks to a 3 game winning streak at the end of the year. Rumors spread that the Phantoms were in the hunt for an elite TE (though they eventually were outbid) so it appears the two-TE offense will remain the offensive strategy. With the continued inability to get a top flight WR, ACI may look to run the ball more in 2040.

First Round

Jeffrey Emack


RB - Southern Mississippi - 6' 0" - 224 lbs
1st Round. Pick #1-12. #12 Overall
Pre-Draft Grade: 7.20
Pre-Draft Adjusted Grade: 7.20
Key Combine Scores: Solecismic 29, 40 Time 4.51, Bench Reps 21, Agility 7.11, Position Drill 30
Actuals: 58/71

Atlantic City came within one pick of possibly solving their wide receiver needs as Caleb Purnell dropped to pick #11 but was quickly snatched up by Albany. The Phantoms then went with the best player on their board, who will be a huge help in the running game. Emack is a big back who will split time with returning 1,000+ yard rusher J.R. Brustkern.

Second Round

Zion Price


FB - Oregon St. - 5' 11" - 224 lbs
2nd Round. Pick #2-11. #43 Overall
Pre-Draft Grade: 4.50
Pre-Draft Adjusted Grade: 4.50
Key Combine Scores: Solecismic 29, 40 Time 4.67, Bench Reps 25, Broad Jump 9' 5", Position Drill 37
Actuals: 25/53

The Phantoms continue to look to improve their run game with the selection of Price. Leo Hastings was the target with this pick but he was selected by St. Louis at 2-4. Price had excellent combines and should be a future replacement for the aging Hunter Dail.

Fifth Round

Lukas McAleese


CB - Iowa - 5' 11" - 189 lbs
5th Round. Pick #5-16. #144 Overall
Pre-Draft Grade: 5.40
Pre-Draft Adjusted Grade: 5.40
Key Combine Scores: Solecismic 27, Agility 27
Actuals: 15/30

McAleese is a bit on the small side but his combine / bars point to a possible nickel back. He looks to be an excellent zone defender with exceptional ball skills.

Seventh Round

Brant Flannery


QB - Colorado - 6' 3" - 233 lbs
7th Round. Pick #7-13. #206 Overall
Pre-Draft Grade: 4.60
Pre-Draft Adjusted Grade: 4.60
Key Combine Scores:
Actuals: 11/45

Atlantic City drafted a project in Flannery. Combines were not great but the bars look pretty good. That is usually the makings of a flop but in the 7th round it is worth the chance.

by rbeyer at Sat Sep 27, 2014 07:06 PM

Delaying the Draft until 9/24


JJ Smitty
Mon Sep 22 04:01 PM

We need more owners to register for the draft so we are going to delay it a day until 9/24.

9/23/2014 - FA 1:2 (Draft App on)
9/24/2014 - FA 1:3 (Draft Starts)
9/25/2014 - FA 1:4
9/26/2014 - FA 1:5-8
9/27/2014 - Draft Continues
9/28/2014 - Draft Continues
9/29/2014 - FA 1:9-12 (Draftees Entered)

Cleveland: The Flat Out Truth


Tue Sep 16 09:56 AM

Team Overview


The CFL's Ohio franchise lost 139.6 M dollars last season. Ouch.

Attendance dropped slightly and the stadium is only half full at 45, 000 souls in the seats.

Franchise value puts us at #26 in the league, six from the bottom.

We are $67 M under the cap, and we've only lost $5 m to lost cap room.


Twenty nine souls on the roster.

Cabrera Works Out In Flats Practice Unis

Running back Ethan Cabrera is on the Green Page and currently sits at number three.

Offensive Line has caught the Football Outsiders eye and sits as the fifth best offensive line in Adjusted Line Yards. This despite two o line members with zero endurance bars. That has to be addressed.

Fifth year safety Harold King was the only Ohio player to make the CFL's All First Team Squad.

And we pick 13th in the first round of the CFL rookie draft.

Cleveland Flats 2040 Rookie Draft

1.13. WR Howard Duncan, Eastern Michigan Eagles
6-0, 201 lbs.
Fits In


He looks like a great possession receiver, and since we only have three wideouts on the roster, it's a no brainer for Cleveland. And with third year wideout Neil Wilcox (56/56) coming off of injured reserve, the Flats are very thin at wideout.

by Hoosier at Wed Sep 24, 2014 06:49 PM


2.12. WR Bucky Gonzalez, Virginia Tech Hokies
6-2, 200 lbs.
Low Volatility
Fits In

Our second straight wideout, his bars caught my eye. His combines are average everywhere except Sole, Agility, And PSpec which are great.

Endurance Bar sold the deal.

by Hoosier at Thu Sep 25, 2014 09:25 AM

Both rookie wideouts have great bars in Specials, an area often overlooked. Both have great Pos Spc bars, and I like both of their Strength Bars. They're a bit of a mirror image of one another, and with such a small number of wideouts on our roster, Endurance has to be strong.

We may not be received well ingame with the draft review, but dag nab it, we're better now.

by Hoosier at Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:33 PM


3.11. DT Ray Logan, Mississippi

6-5, 321 lbs.
High Volatility
Fits In

The only thing missing on this guy's bars is Punishing Hitter. He's a six five technique tackler with very nice Pass Rush Technique and Pass Rush Strength. Run Defense Bar looks nice as well.

Combine wise he has three great scores in Dash, Sole, and Agility, and his Bench Press is only two away from Great, so he's high average.

He'll work with defensive tackle mentor Jose Cerqua, an eight year pro who's pissed about being franchised.

by Hoosier at Thu Sep 25, 2014 04:23 PM


4.18. DE Nicky Stauffer, Virginia Tech Hokies
6-4, 280 lbs.
Average Volatility
Fits In

Drafted for depth at the defensive end spot, he is a technique tackler with good Endurance, Play Diagnosis, Pass Rush Technique, and Run D.

Combine wise he has great scores in Dash, Sole, and Agility. But poor scores in Strength and Broadjump pretty much contributed to his drop.

by Hoosier at Fri Sep 26, 2014 01:16 PM

Free Agent Signs With Cleveland


Wideout Winfred Pearson, a third year CFL pro originally drafted in the second round of the 2038 CFL Rookie Draft by Fargo has signed with Cleveland. Pearson played collegiately at Kansas State, and the former Wildcat signed a three year deal worth $17 M dollars.

Pearson has played in all thirty two games in his career, but has only started in three.

by Hoosier at Fri Sep 26, 2014 01:26 PM


5.17. CB Ed Knops, Missouri State Bears
6-0, 196 lbs
Average Volatility
Fits In

Good Bars in Man 2 Man, Zone, Bump N Run, Play Diagnosis, Endurance, and Specials.

Combine scores look average across the board with one great score in Sole.

He looks like a dime or nickle back who'll never intercept a lot of passes but will defend, and a Specials contributor.

by Hoosier at Fri Sep 26, 2014 06:15 PM


6.16. FS William "Mr." President, Central Florida Golden Knights
6-0, 207 lbs.
Fits In
Very High Volatility

Drafted for depth at safety and for Special contributions. Combines are pretty vanilla, and his bars are pretty sprinkled with some areas better than others.

(sounds like a damn ice cream sundae, doesn't he?...vanilla

by Hoosier at Sat Sep 27, 2014 05:47 AM


7.15. LS Jeff Springer, Purdue Boilermakers
6-4, 251 lbs.

He's a long snapper, and we didn't have one on roster. And a cheap one, at that.

by Hoosier at Sat Sep 27, 2014 09:57 AM


Sixteen year kicker John Oates has been cut by Cleveland. The Flats front office tried to renegotiate Oates contract, but Oates was quoted as saying .."I Can't Go for That, No Can Do."

It left Cleveland with no choice but to free up a lot of cap space and cut the veteran kicker. "We think John was Out of Touch with his salary demands so we had to use a little Adult Education and cut him."


Which brings us to his replacement, kicker Rich Dahlin. Dahlin played at Northwestern and was drafted in the sixth round of the CFL 2034 Rookie Draft by Tulsa. In seven seasons he has hit on 81% of his field goal kicks, with his best season last year where he connected on 93.5%.

"Dahlin does the same thing, but much cheaper, and a bit better." Hoosier Owens.


Former Penn State Nittany Lion and Boston Bee guard Monty Kacyvenski has signed with Cleveland. Already well liked by fans, Kacyvenski gives Cleveland a chance to spell 12 year guard Gabe Tuell. Tuell's Endurance Bar is but 12, and his career is filled with injuries.

"I think every offensive line needs a polish presence and now we have one. I wouldn't be surprised if he wound up starting this year." Hoosier Owens.


Cleveland fans already recognize new free agent cornerback Tim Meinhardt. The luxury of a Big 10 college market helps.

Meinhart was a former first round pick in the 2038 CFL Rookie Draft taken by Hartford. Meinhart played collegiately at Minnesota.

Recognized by fans, Meinhart has solid bars and has played in all thirty two games during his two year tenure, but has only started fifteen. He has a career pass defense % of 80.7., and has four interceptions to his credit. He's registered 84 tackles and 26 assists.

"He'll get the chance to play and start here. Our current left corner, Ahmed, has ZERO Endurance Bar, and while his cover skills are adequate, much more suited for dime and nickle packages." Hoosier Owens, G.M.

Lynch In Younger Days At SIU

Veteran QB Released. Fourteen year quarterback Monty Lynch has been cut from the squad after one season. Simply put, Cleveland needed the money spent on Lynch to complete the roster and get to a full complement of 52 players.

Which means second year quarterback Leon Dishowitz (13/50) is the starting quarterback as it stands now.

How They Landed: The New Rookies
Draft Review: B+

1.13. FL Duncan 26/50
2.12. SE Gonzalez 19/44
3.11. RDT Ray Logan 22/54
4.18. RDE Nicky Stauffer 17/39
5.17. RCB Ed Knops 22/40
6.16. FS William President 17/39

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Great write-up

by rbeyer at Mon Sep 29, 2014 08:17 AM

Agreed, Great write-up

by bbriders at Mon Sep 29, 2014 09:26 AM

2040 Check in


JJ Smitty
Tue Sep 16 09:26 AM

Check in here:


Long Snappers and Training Camp


JJ Smitty
Tue Jun 24 07:31 PM

You'll will need to sign a free agent center, tight end or linebacker (unless there's one on your roster) at a low-enough weight to convert to long snapper (220-280 pounds) and make that conversion before training camp or the CPU will convert one. You don't want that because they could change one of your stars into a LS.

Trade Blocks

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Omaha Arrowheads (JJ Smitty)
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