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Cheesehead Craig
Mon May 03 06:33 PM

Taking out all the drama from draft day, Cheesehead Craig announced in an Instagram post that the Privateers will be taking WR Shaun Sanderson from Duke with the #1 overall pick. He's been compared to legendary WR Marcus Dole, which is reason enough to take him.

Cheesehead noted in the post that he too busy on draft day as he was going on a golf outing and quote "just wanted to get it over with as I have better things to do that day."

So there you have it folks. Looks like Darusmont has a legit weapon and with the new Spread offense the team is running next year, this was a much needed upgrade.

Congrats on getting your stud WR.

Also congrats to New Orleans for their new QB . . .

by Raven Hawk at Tue May 04, 2021 12:24 PM

Draft utility ready for 2061 draft, starts 5/7 @ 10 am MST


JJ Smitty
Fri Apr 30 06:13 AM

Link: http://www.thecfl.us/fof_draft/

To register, go to the link above and select the register tab. Your username is your teams full city name. Choose from the team name below, spell it exactly the same as on the list below or your pick wont go through.

Team Name List;

Kansas City
El Paso
New Orleans
Boise City
Santa Cruz
San Antonio
Atlantic City
Las Vegas
Iowa City
St. Louis
Los Angeles
Death Valley

*** As always, you must register before the draft clock starts or your picks will be autopicked for you.

Draft time limits (clock runs from 6am to 10pm, MST):

Round 1: 4 hours
Round 2: 3 hours
Round 3: 2 hours
Round 4: 1 hour
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 1 hour
Round 7: 1 hour

If you miss a pick then your time is reduced for the remaining rounds.

Discord Link and Twitch stream info for Coaches Draft


JJ Smitty
Tue Apr 27 04:59 PM

Discord Server link;


Twitch stream;


Hope to see you on today, we usually get on about an hour early.

Even if you don't have a headset, still get on the server and there a chat function.

Retired Players Appreciation Post


Dean Gullberry
Tue Apr 27 03:23 PM

For Brooklyn:

WR Rickey Mitchell-14 seasons-drafted at the 2.1 pick in 2047 by Miami.
We only picked him up this year for leadership and mentoring but he helped our thin depth at WR.

S Alonzo Gima-13 seasons-drafted at the 3.31 pick in 2048 by Denver.
I always liked Gima since the draft. He received up a ring in 2059 with Honolulu against the Brawlers. Once again he only played his last year with Brooklyn and was picked up for the same reasons as Mitchell.

QB Corey Amadro-11 seasons-3.12 pick in 2050 by Baltimore.
Amadro was a little surprising. Brooklyn did not extend his contract and he was a free agent this year. I figured he would go one more year for some more money in free agency. We acquired him up a couple years ago because he was a mentor that was also a great backup in case of injuries.

RG Deron "Dagwood" Denson-9 seasons-1.27 pick in 2052.
Now Dagwood retiring was really surprising. We thought that our LT Page would be the one retiring. Brooklyn has a special place in their heart for Dagwood. He was originally drafted as a under-sized RT later moved to RG after drafting LT Johnson in 2057. His nicknamed stems from an "injury" he suffered his rookie year, Tobacco Withdrawal Syndrome. "Dagwood" was what my old college buddy and I would always call cigarettes, so it just fit Denson (not to mention the alliteration).

Great idea.

Just two guys we drafted and both became journeyman

G Jackson Penick 3.32 in 2051 - the definitive roadgrader had roughly a 100 run block -0 pass block tech -100 blocking strength bar profile and was either really dumb or really smart (can't remember) and paved many a lane for Fulton in his prime grabbing 3 All-Pros as he started his first 6 seasons for us. He gave up 6 sacks in our Bowl run in 2056 and then the patch was not kind to him. He finished his career in ACI still doing his thing. Always nice when you pick one of the common bar profiles and it just maxes out like that.

DE Floyd Norris picked 2.27 in 2049 - may have been the first FOF8 draft and I think we moved him from DT and he was that ideal LDE for our 43 Under at the time and figured Al Kelly and him would form a dominant duo upfront...but then we went 34 and he was a bit of a tweener and wanted a lot of money after his rookie contract was up but his bars held up for a long time at KCY and SCU and he was even picked up by DUR off waivers for a recent PO game. While never a top producer the talent was always there and we didn't track +- then but I bet he would have done very well.

Also praise be that Otis Perry finally hung them up. I think he picked us off 6 times in his first 4 years or something crazy like that.

by Ushikawa at Tue Apr 27, 2021 04:43 PM

For Detroit, two guys that spent their whole careers at La-Z-Boy:

TE Rico Voinovich - 3.18 in 2048 - For a while, DET's best receiving threat. Tapered off as he got older but was still a good blocker and a big body that could go up and get the 50/50 ball in the end zone. Ended his career with the #1 most receiving TDs and #2 most receiving yards records for a TE fueled in part by a crazy 2048 season where he caught 20 TDs! On top of several DET team records, Uncle Rico also picked up several league accolades with 3 All-League selections.

LG Shaquille Pascal - 1.13 in 2049 - A longtime fixture in the DET OLine, this guy had 9 straight seasons without missing a single game. He also became a team leader and mentor that will be hard to replace. In his prime, Shaq was one of the better runblockers in the league and the Vampires fielded one of the more efficient ground games in 2050-2054. We've been trying to get back there ever since. Hopefully he goes on to become a coach for us because we need some serious help on the OL.

by zenzog at Wed Apr 28, 2021 02:07 PM

Talons had 6 players retire this offseason. Actually surprised it wasn't more. Was expecting the whole interior DL to retire.

Otis Perry - 13 seasons - picked 1.8 in 2048. Otis will be the most missed out of the group. Fans were surprised he didn't retire last year but were glad he stayed for one more. He was originally drafted and played at S. But after seeing his superior man cover skills he was moved to CB in 2051. While Talons fans were thanking him for his career - Fargo's fans were celebrating he would no longer be on the field. He had 8 of his 50 career interceptions against Fargo and gave the Fargo coaching staff nightmares. Talons Ring of Honor member Louis LaGrange even mentioned Perry's retirement and wished him luck on his HOF selection in a few years and acknowledged the difficulty DBs have of getting into the HOF.

Corbin Robbins - 14 seasons - Long time Talons kicker retired. He retired as the top Talons scorer. Fans will have to get used to someone new kicking for the team this season.

Also a shout out to Rickey Mitchell retiring after 14 seasons. Drafted 2.1 in 2047. He had an immediate impact in the passing game as a rookie. He stayed with the Talons for 10 seasons before his contract demands didn't agree with management and they ended up parting ways. It often goes unnoticed but he was always a solid contributor on Special Teams.

by bbriders at Wed Apr 28, 2021 07:20 PM

WR - Blaine Curtis - 2048 24th pick overall

Blaine Curtis was one of those wide receivers that could do it all, catch, run, and return kicks. He spent his first 4 seasons with the Pride, but his contract demands were out of our ability to cover as we were also working on a huge contract for future HOF QB, Brantley Gilmore. Curtis spent 5 seasons with San Antonio and had to watch the Pride win a Bowl with Gilmore at the helm. When his contract was up with San Antonio, he looked like he was run hard and put away wet - there was little interest on the FA market for a washed up WR. However, the Pride remembered his explosive speed and open field moves and brought him back home to Shreveport. He spent the final 4 seasons of his career with the Pride filling in anywhere he could, showing that his work ethic hadn't diminished. He made it to the Conference Finals three times, but never got to the Bowl. In his final year, his role as punt returner was taken away from him as he'd started having issues fielding the punts. In his retirement press conference, he was complementary of both organizations he'd played for and cited advancing arthritis in his fingers as the reason for his retirement. He finished his career with 1003 receptions for 11,731 yards and 78 TDs, additionally contributing, 4123 yards on 407 punt returns with 10 punt returns for TD.

by Raven Hawk at Mon May 03, 2021 06:49 AM

Instructions for LIVE Coaches Draft April 27th @ 6 pm MST


JJ Smitty
Wed Apr 21 09:16 AM

Instructions for the LIVE Coaches Draft:

Time\Date: April 27th @ 6 pm MST

Using Discord and Twitch.tv

There are 3 ways you can do the draft.

1. use the draft function with in the game and export your draft preference with in game. Do a normal stage export.

2. you can send in a list of coaches you want me to draft for you

3. you can draft live, we use twitch.tv and Discord. Your pick will come up and you'll have a chance to draft live.

Instructions for list making;

Open the Retain Staff window and when you click on "Finished with Renegotiations" the Set Staff Draft window will appear.

This is where you will set your preferences for your coaches and the computer will draft them for you if you don't get any of the coaches on your list.

Export and then PM me your Live Draft Preference list;

Example list;

Owner - JJSmitty
Team - Omaha

Head Coach;

Going to keep him

Off Coordinator;

Name - Age - Offense
1. Johnny Rogers - 43 - West Coast
2. Tommy Thomas - 54 - Smashmouth
3. Reggie Riley - 61 - Balanced
4. Rich Rod - 34 - West Coast
5. Bill Smith - 54 - Balanced

Def Coordinator;

Name - Age - Defense

Going to keep him

and so on with the other coaches.

Also, remember to PM me your list.

***Joining the Live Draft, join the Discord Server from the link below. You'll actually have the option to draft Live.

*** Discord Server;

Click the link to Join;


*** I'm using Twitch.tv to stream the draft live so you can see the updated coach available in real time.

Thanks guys and lets have some fun with this.

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

Tucson Toros (Sverngold)
QB up for Grabs

Honolulu Hammerheads (Red Zone)
Honolulu Block

Las Vegas Rounders (TurfToe)
Vegas 2061 Block

Iowa City Soldiers (Pip76)
3rd Pick overall ***TRADED***

Santa Cruz Privateers (Cheesehead Craig)
2061 Santa Cruz Block

Detroit Vampires (zenzog)
DET 2061 Castoffs

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

New Orleans Voodoo (BGBob)
#2 or #4 on the block, Couple DB's

Tennessee Militia (Aamalin)
Militia Block

El Paso Rockets (landshark44)
El Paso Block 2061

Boston Beavers (slimmikey)
Boston's Trade Block

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)
2061 - Shreveport Trade Block