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 2049 Week 14   Results


Boise Stampede


Mon Aug 14 08:01 AM

Well, you can't keep the old fart down. Evidently the Stampede has chased off the old owner, and I'm going to try to reign them in a bit.

It's been a while, and i'm trying to get used to FOF 8. Limiting myself to two leagues, the Imperial and the CFL. Two of the oldest in FOF that I know, and it looks like a nice way for a retired old fart to keep himself entertained. Again.

Continuing the tradition. I like the crimson/maroon (you pick one) and gold that the original Stallions owner had, and so we're returning to the basic colors from seasons past.

The old button just never cut it for me. (and yeah, I made it).

Just look to your left and look at it. :smt006

by Hoosier at Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:15 AM

GM "Hoosier" Daddy's Team Review (Well, the Highlights).

Offensive Line

A pair of second year offensive tackles, Odegard and Fredrickson, impress me at first glance and they look solid. Eight year veteran tackle is the only other tackle on roster and he seems like a viable stop gap, and I'm going to experiment by putting him in at left guard for the next game.

Offensive Guards:

Nonexistent. Man, I've seen better on a pee wee flag football club. Enuff said.


Second year center McElroy looks like a solid project with solid potential in run blocking and endurance, but his very low volatility and lack of strength is problematic. Cannot figure out why the young center hasn't played a single snap, and we'll correct that oversight.

Five year pro center Howard couldn't pass block to save his life.

GM's Plans:

We have got to get better guards and a solid center to anchor a unit with a decent foundation.

by Hoosier at Tue Aug 15, 2017 07:45 AM

Stampede vs. Santa Cruz Game Notes

Offensive Line Changes

Center Bernie McElroy, undrafted free agent from Colorado State, gets his first start.

Second year center Bernie McElroy (20/52) gets the nod and starts his first game taking snaps. A finesse blocker at 6 foot 7 inches, the undrafted free agent deserves a good long look. He's never snapped the ball in preseason or regular season, so it's going to be interesting.

Offensive tackle Rod Baker, an eight year CFL veteran, gets the starting nod at left guard. "Our tackles on both sides of the line are excellent, but the offensive guards and center leave a lot to be desired. We'll take some long looks." G.M. "Hoosier" Owens.

And for some reason the young center didn't take a snap despite putting him in at the starting position. Gonna take some time to figure this one out, but he'll get some snaps one way or the other.

by Hoosier at Wed Aug 16, 2017 06:23 AM

Boise 2049 Draft Standouts


1.12. LDT Kerry Bays, Illinois
6-1, 299 lbs
Low Volatility/Recognized

Current Rating: 60/83

Standout Bars: Run D, Pass Rush Strength, Play Diagnosis, Punishing Hitter, Endurance, and Special Teams

Hoosier's Observations: Rookie has started all 12 games and is playing well. 45 tackles so far, 14 assists, two and a half sacks with two hurries on qb. Toss in 12 Special Teams plays. Affinity.

Hoosier's Outlook: I like this rookie. In next offseason I really think I need to find a defensive line mentor to help this rookie develop.


2.12. CB Devonte Valdes, Murray State
5-10, 186 lbs
Low Volatility
Need Scorecard

Current Rating: 37/44

Standout Bars: Bump and Run; Run Defense; Kick Returns

Hoosier's Observations: His only weak area in coverage is Man to Man, everything else looks solid. Bump n Run sits at 70 and is solid. Kick Returns at 61/72 solidifies his place on the team.

Hoosier's Outlook: Not a bad pick at all. Solid. Double dipping on Special Teams play is never a bad thing.

by Hoosier at Thu Aug 17, 2017 04:15 PM

Boise Signs Rookie Offensive Guard

Rookie Free Agent Offensive Guard Signed, Starts

OG Junior Sexton, a rookie free agent who played at the University of Virginia, has been signed by Boise. "We really needed help at the offensive line, and I liked him. The only knock is his strength. He's more of a finesse blocker, but his potential on pass blocking is very good." G.M. Hoosier.

Stampede's Front Office signed several other unsigned free agents. "Depth is a problem, and we need to make a strong push for the playoffs. We're in a tight race, and hopefully this baptism under fire by the newly signed young free agents pays off." Hoosier.

by Hoosier at Fri Aug 18, 2017 08:43 AM

Poll: Combining Preseason into 2 sims for next season


JJ Smitty
Fri Jul 21 11:54 AM

I'm thinking about combining Week 1 & Week 2 into one sim then combining week 3 - 5, to speed up the offseason alittle.

I'd like to get everyone's opinion on the subject.


I would like to speed up the off-season a little too, but I would like at least 3 sims for preseason. I voted no on 2.

by Aamalin at Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:15 PM

I don't like this idea, those preseason games are essential time to resign players. It's good to wait sometimes until after ex week 2 to find out what really players are for the season and can affect the contracts they want. The way it's currently set up, we have another 3 weeks to make offers.

by Teutoberg at Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:04 PM

I think this would probably be the biggest impact to cutting it down to 2 sims.

I think we could easily combine weeks 1 and 2 of the preseason and nobody would miss it. Everyone would have to make sure they didn't miss that sim because otherwise REX would be the one to make cuts.

by bbriders at Thu Jul 27, 2017 07:58 AM

Very good point there...maybe could reduce to 3 sims instead of 5

by Ushikawa at Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:04 AM

Yeah I think putting ex week 1 and 2 together would be great.

by Teutoberg at Thu Jul 27, 2017 09:33 PM

sims 1 and 2 would be Ok with me, but that's it. making it 2 sims would impact the resigning of players IMO

by FlexD at Mon Jul 31, 2017 08:40 PM

Midweek week Tomorrow - Processing trade request


JJ Smitty
Tue Jul 04 09:55 AM

Running a midweek for tomorrow to process trade.

Get ready for the season starter on thursday.

AC North

Tennessee - CB R.J. Jamison
- While FB Josh Hamernik was signed for a longer contract with more money and will also be a starter, Jamison plays at a more vital position. There is a conflict already between Jamison and Herman Dodge, the secondary leader, so that bears attention.

Shreveport - DE Isaac Elliot
- Elliot is listed as a RDE which already has an again, yet still performing, starter in Jesse Kotomski. My guess is that one of the two will be moved to LDE and become the starter to shore up a hole on the line.

San Antonio - None

New Orleans - TE Melvin Brandon
- With only one signing, this was easy. Brandon is a former undrafted free agent signing by the Raging Horde in his second year who made 20 catches on 24 targets (a pretty damn good percentage) in his rookie year. The Raging Horde saw enough in him to resign him to the roster.

AC South

Iowa City - QB Leon Dishowitz
- Dishowitz spent 10 seasons in Cleveland and was the starter for 9 of those. He fills a huge hole as the starter for the immediate future.

Detroit - None

Cleveland - RB Corey Mayes
- Mayes is a former 1,000 yard rusher (twice, actually) during his four year career and becomes the starter for the Sentries. He did have a down year with only 455 yards last season but he only started 2 games. This is his chance to prove that he is not a declining talent.

Kansas City - S Colby Phillips
- Phillips resigned with the Crows and is an above average player but fills a hole at strong safety.

AC East

St. Louis - RB Sawyer Farmer
- The Arch lack true star power at running back and Farmer was brought in to be the starter. Farmer spent four season in Boise and starter a total of 8 games with an average of 2.88 yards per carry. There are six running backs on the roster so this will be a shootout in preseason to see who wins the job.

Omaha - WR Dixon Powell
- The Arrowheads are always very active in free agency and this year is no exception. They are all in on Powell, as he is the only signing with a total contract value over $10 million (his contract is for $103.2 million). Getting a talent like this, in only his 7th year and at wide receiver, may turn out to be one of the best signings of the year.

Baltimore - LB Floyd Russell
- If you thoughts Omaha was active then look at Baltimore. So far there are 16 signings, including two with a total value over $100 million. FB Mel Griffey, P Nick Ali, WR Archie Lindsay, K Brian Sanford and CB Amos Irvine are all big time players who would start on most teams in the league. The prize of free agency was Russell, a dominant inside linebacker who instantly makes everyone around him a better player. As a team this is one of the best front office jobs.

Durham - None

AC West

Atlantic City - CB Parker Sprout
- The Phantoms were active on the secondary market and brought in or resigned seven secondary players. Sprout is not a top twenty corner in the league but upgrades a secondary that was the weak link last year.

Hartford - QB Jerald Cowher
- The Attack are always good for at least one big splash in free agency and this year it was at quarterback. Hartford always seems to have one of the top quarterbacks in the league. To make that happen this season, they went out and signed the best quarterback in free agency. Cowher is a 13 year veteran who has had some great seasons and some poor ones. It will be fascinating to see how he performs in Hartford.

Brooklyn - S Ty Matthews
- Brooklyn was another active team in free agency and Matthews was their prize signing. He fills a need at strong safety not only as a top safety (over 100 tackles each of the past two seasons) but also as a secondary leader.

Boston - None

NC North

Death Valley - WR Bryson Saddler
- Finding good wide receivers is becoming harder and harder every year, as shown by the $41 million, 3 year deal signed by Saddler. FB Thomas Grier was another good signing but based on the positions, it is advantage wide receiver.

Texas - DE Jimmy Brady
- CB Darrell Hansen was signed for more money but Brady, despite his age, is still one of the top pass rushers in the league (100 sacks in his twelve year career). The deal is also cap friendly at 1 yr and $11.67 million.

Santa Cruz - ILB Jimmie McGee
- McGee was resigned after playing seven games and proving that despite being an undrafted rookie he could play in the CFL. He can run forever and is a tough run defender.

Atlanta - WR Gus Seidman
- As we mentioned earlier, acquiring top wide receivers is tough. The Wolfpack were able to sign a very good one. As long as he doesn't have a bad training camp (he is in his 10th year) Seidman should help rookie #2 overall pick Irv Clements first season a bit easier.

NC South

Oregon - OLB Quinn England
- The Ice had some very good signings, including but England plays at another tough place to get talent: linebacker. He becomes the best linebacker on the roster and should help take some pressure off of defensive tackle Stan Simmons, a star with little support behind him.

Alaska (Anchorage) - DE Martin Midget
- The Kodiaks resigned or signed a whopping 22 players in free agency so far. They did an excellent job of avoiding the huge contracts and signed players to fill needs. Six of the unrestricted free agents signed were on the defensive line and Midget is the best of them.

Boise City - None

Seattle - OLB JJ Rogues and Dwight Lugar
- Like the Kodiaks, the Spartans avoided the splashy deals and attempted to build some depth. I am going to cheat a bit here and choose two players as the best signing. Both a 9 year veteran linebackers with similar skill sets. Whichever one can hold his ratings will be the one the fills a need at linebacker and thus is the best signing so far.

NC East

Fargo - RB Steven Negron
- Negron joins his 3rd time in the past 5 seasons so it is pretty clear that he is on the downside of his career after 12 seasons. That being said, what a career it has been with 8 seasons with over 1,000 yards rushing. That doesn't include one year of 999 and another year of 990. He only ran for 564 yards last season for Shreveport but he is far and away the best option for the Frontier.

Denver - TE Carson Monroe
- The Dynamite have been pretty quiet in free agency, with only 2 signings. Monroe comes over from Omaha, where he one catch. Yeah, I would say it has been quiet in Denver.

Tulsa - DT Albert Spencer
- Spencer signed for 5 yr, $139 million so that right there makes him the Talons best signing. A former first round pick in 2045, Spencer has 15.5 sacks in his five year career and he should be a force in the middle with returning defensive tackle Skip Hayes.

El Paso - None

NC West

Los Angeles - C Darnell Sitron
- The Outlaws swung and miss on quite a few players so they concentrated on re-signing players for depth. The best of the unrestricted free agents is Sitron. LA has a very good center in Cary Thompson but he is a 14 year vet. If not this year, down the road Sitron may battle Lionel Reese for the starting center spot.

Las Vegas - RB Chandler Falcon
- The Rounders only signed one unrestricted free agent so far but were another team that resigned their own. The best of that group is Falcon. He won't see much time behind Devan Fulcher and Gilbert Narcisse but he has too much upside to have let him get away.

Tucson - ILB Demetrius Baylor (renegotiated contract)
- The Toros have major cap issues so they were not a factor in free agency. In fact, their only signing was a long snapper. Once again, we will cheat here a bit and choose the Baylor renegotiation. The 4 year deal keeps him in Tucson while also freeing up some cap room to sign their rookie class.

Honolulu - C Ronnie Guthrie
- Guthrie is one of the top centers in the league having started every game for Baltimore over the past 7 years.

What do you think?

Awesome write up.

DT, A. Spencer was originally signed to move to LDE to fill the hole from not resigning DE Brady who was a strong force at the left side getting 11 sacks last year. Drafting DE Lahr was not really in the plan so we'll see what ends up happening.

by bbriders at Thu Jun 15, 2017 07:13 PM

Great write up. I knew I was drafting a QB so my goal in free agency was to get a couple of weapons for him, since the skill position players were pretty weak when I took over the team. We've got a long road ahead of us but I'm excited to start this rebuilding process

by ThePelvicWoo at Fri Jun 16, 2017 05:24 AM

Great stuff

by Pepe_Mangual at Fri Jun 16, 2017 08:41 AM

Awesome write up!!
Love reading this stuff....

by Aamalin at Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:29 AM

Nice writeup

by FlexD at Sat Jun 17, 2017 09:39 AM

Great Write up and you are correct, we are all in on Dixon Powell.

by JJ Smitty at Tue Jun 20, 2017 01:06 PM

And then RJ crapped the bed in training camp and got cut from the team.... :evil:

by Aamalin at Wed Jul 05, 2017 02:58 PM

Atlantic City Free Agency Report

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Thu Jun 15 12:17 PM

A quick look at free agency so far for Atlantic City.
(ratings are from the league scout)


Shannon McClain - Defensive Coordinator
- McLain is a 15 year vet with a primary focus of the secondary, which is good since the Phantoms secondary is the piece that needs the most work. He is a strong motivator and is good with young talent. His weakness is scouting ability so the front office will need to be careful with his recommendations.

Kelly Troxell - TE - 2 yrs., $3.12 mil - 18/28
- With the loss of Jeff Barker (see subtractions below) it was vital that Troxell was resigned to at least add some depth despite his poor rating. At a minimum, he is a strong special team's performer (71 potential rating).

Donald Newsome - CB - 2 yrs., $9.42 mil - 38/45
- Newsome went undrafted but has developed into a capable corner. The lack of quality for ACI at the corner position last year forced him into 16 starts, which really helped his progression.

Leland Albriktsen - C - 2 yrs., $11.04 mil - 52/52
- A strong pass blocker (based on his sacks allowed over his career), Albriktsen steps into the starting spot as long as his ratings hold up. That is also a question mark for a 13 year vet so this is a big time roll of the dice.

Kim Booker - CB - 3 yrs., $18.12 mil- 41/41
- Every year it seems Atlantic City tries to shore up the secondary via free agency. There are usually more hits than misses but you need to keep shooting. Booker is starting to decline in his 8th year but will get a shot as a nickel or dime back while also helping on special teams (73 rating).

Parker Sprout - CB - 3 yrs., $22.73 mil - 49/49
- Parker is less of a gamble than Booker due to his age (5 seasons) and hopefully will nail down one of the starting spots. Great endurance (90) and strong cover skills should really help the secondary.

Jamie Seale - CB - 3 yrs., $17.80 mil - 43/43
- Seale and Booker are similarly rated players while age wise he is the same as Sprout. Another special teams contributor (80), he also started 56 games over the past 4 season for St. Louis so he can step in as a starter when needed.

Ernie Delgado - S - 2 yrs., $11.82 mil - 45/45
- Delgado was signed to be the starting free safety. Entering his 6th season, he has good starting experience while have 3 seasons with a pass defense percentage over 80.

Ruben Donovan - TE - 4 yrs., $21.46 mil - 36/36
- For now, Donovan is the starter at tight end. The league scout and the Phantoms scouts have differing opinions on his ratings but he did have 81 catches over the past 2 seasons in Detroit. The guess is that ACI is still looking for another tight end.

Arnold Ellard - CB - 2 yrs., $6.81 mil - 29/50
- Drafted in the 5th round by ACI in 2045, Ellard took a look at other offers but chose to return to the Phantoms. His ratings have been up and down, although currently they are trending up, so it will interesting to see how the next 2 seasons pan out. If nothing else, he is another strong special teams (76 potential) player.

Cristian Hayes - LS - 2 yrs., $4.75 mil
- Long snapper with a 98 rating. Enough said.

Brad Greer - S - 3 yrs., $11.67 mil - 34/34
- This was a depth move while also bring in another special teams (77) rating.

Damion Sutton - S - 2 yrs., $4.92 mil - 10/11
- Sutton is rated 79/88 as a punt returner.


Jeff Barker - TE - Released
- Barker started a contract holdout prior to training camp and was released just hours later. While he had a few very good seasons in Atantic City, including 75 catches last year, his contract demands for a 11 year vet in the low 40's was too much to pay. Good luck to Mr. Barker.

Jeffrey Emack - RB - Out of contract
- Emack was a 1st round pick for ACI in 2040 and six straight seasons over 1100 yards. However, the past three seasons those rushing numbers dropped to 694, 354 and 223. It was a great run but now it is time to move on.

Rob Whalen - TE - Out of contract
- Whalen spent two years in ACI with a total of 30 receptions.

Sedrick Janjic - G - Out of contract
- A 2nd round pick in 2037, Janjic started 150 games and was a mainstay on the offensive line. Despite having no clear replacement, management decided it was time to move on from the veteran.

Louis Dennis - DE - Out of contract
- Dennis was drafted in 2043 but spent most of his time as a backup. He had 12 career sacks with only 2 starts.

Ted Scancella - DT - Out of contract
- Yet another long time Phantom, Scancella was a 1st round pick in 2041 was never able to nail down a starting spot. He had 11 starts in his rookie season and 10 last season. In the middle years he had zero starts.

Britt Madison - MLB - Out of contract
- Madison spent 4 years as a Phantom after signing from Iowa City. He started 16 games in 2047 and only 8 in 2048 but despite that, he had more tackles in 2048.

Ted Money - FS - Out of contract
- Money was brought in via free agency in 2047 to add some depth to the safety spots. He started 16 games his first season and then 7 last year. The signing of Delgado was the nail in the coffin for Money.

Great write up!

by bbriders at Thu Jun 15, 2017 07:00 PM

Trade Deadline is Week 8

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
Run Defense

Omaha Arrowheads (JJ Smitty)
Omaha 2049 - Starting QB

Honolulu Hammerheads (Teutoberg)
Honolulu Block

Denver Dynomite (Bal D'Locs)
4-3 linebacker (sacks)