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Website move and Live Coaches Draft


JJ Smitty
Mon Apr 13 07:36 AM

I'm going to move the website this weekend so it will be down until next week. April 17th through the 20th.

We will run the Live Coaches Draft the next weekend. Saturday April 25th

I'll post the directions to the new format for this years L.C.D.

Sad News today


JJ Smitty
Thu Mar 19 05:56 PM

I got some very sad news from Skydog today.

http://www.operationsports.com/fofc/sho ... hp?t=90126

He will be missed, RIP BreizhManu.

That's horrible. And only 39. Wow.

by thater at Thu Mar 19, 2015 08:39 PM


by Swaygodeus at Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:48 PM


by Taco at Fri Mar 20, 2015 01:45 AM

Oh man, thats awful news.

by Aamalin at Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:49 AM

Very sad news... We play simulated football, but our league is made up of real people, and to lose one of our own is a sad day in CFL history. RIP Manuel Martin.

by Jander3456 at Tue Mar 24, 2015 05:12 PM

Toros defense strong like Bull in victory over Denver


Thu Feb 19 09:22 AM

Tuscon, Arizona

Despite his resume listing him as "un-encouraged" on Special Teams, DT Jorge Cerqua made the play of the night for the Tuscon Toros.

But before we get to that incredible play, let's back track for a moment, and make sure the rest of the Toros gets their proper credit.

The game was 21 all late in the 4th. The Denver Dynamite were pounding on the Tucson doorstep, with 1st and 4 at the Toros 4 yard line. Let's take a look at what happened next;

Spoiler: show
1-4-TUC04 (4Q: 02:30) Vincent Mathis ran inside the left guard for -1 yards. Tackled by S Karl Bernard, assisted by DT Jonathan Marsh.
2-5-TUC05 (4Q: 02:07) Norm Kocialski ran around left end for -1 yards and was forced out of bounds. Tackled by DT Craig Green, assisted by ILB Perry Hopper.
Official time out for the two-minute warning.
3-6-TUC06 (4Q: 02:00) Byron Mogolov ran inside the right tackle for -2 yards. Tackled by S Phillip Cockburn.

3 rushes by the Dynamite, 3 stops for losses. Job well done by the Tuscon defense as Denver settled for a 25 yard FG.

With 1:27 left in the game, Dixon Judy took over at his own 24 yard line.

Spoiler: show
1-10-TUC24 (4Q: 01:27) Dixon Judy pass completed to TE Lamar Mathews for 13 yards. Tackled by CB Fred Lindsay.
1-10-TUC37 (4Q: 01:04) Dixon Judy scrambled for 7 yards. Tackled by CB Irv Dubois and assisted by ILB Bennie Atkins.
Tucson called a time out.
2-3-TUC44 (4Q: 00:56) Dixon Judy pass was blocked at the line, intended for WR Micah Purkayastha. DE Leroy Harmon blocked the pass.
3-3-TUC44 (4Q: 00:46) Dixon Judy pass completed to WR Damon Barker for 9 yards. Tackled by ILB Bennie Atkins. The receiver ran his route right over the middle of the field.
Tucson called a time out.
1-10-DEN47 (4Q: 00:37) Dixon Judy pass completed to WR Micah Purkayastha for 21 yards. Tackled by S T.J. Sherman. Purkayastha gained 3 yards after the catch.
Tucson called a time out.
1-10-DEN26 (4Q: 00:26) PENALTY: Tucson was called for a False Start.
1-15-DEN31 (4Q: 00:26) Dixon Judy pass completed to WR Brent Fierro for 19 yards. Tackled by CB Fred Lindsay. Fierro gained 5 yards after the catch.
1-10-DEN12 (4Q: 00:05) Zach Shipway attempted a 29 yard field goal and succeeded. Tucson 24, Denver 24

The game would go to Overtime!

Denver would get first crack, and would move the ball all the way down to the Tuscon 39 yard line when on 3rd and 1;

Spoiler: show
3-1-TUC39 (OT: 12:00) Vincent Mathis ran around the left tackle for -3 yards. Tackled by DT Jonathan Marsh, assisted by OLB Bubba Wagner.

The Tuscon defense came up big again! So Dixon Judy would lead the troops down the field, kick a FG and the game was over right? Wrong!

Judy and the offense fell flat, going 3 and out and putting the ball back in the Dynamite offense hands. The Dynamite would try to run the ball but a 3 yard loss and a 4 yard gain would bring up 3rd and 9. QB Timothy Kiser would throw in to double coverage, forcing the Dyamite to punt from their own 38.

Bring back in DT Jorge Cerqua, who would BLOCK the punt attempt, and CB Anthony Martel would scoop the ball up at the 15 yard line and take it to the house, as the Tuscon home crowd went nuts as their Toros improved to 4-1 with the victory.

The Toros now head in to a bye week and will attempt to figure out how to stop giving their fans heart attacks every week and win games in regulation.

- AP

Ice Warm Up At Home After Frigid Start To Season


Wed Feb 18 01:39 PM

At the quarter point of the 2041 CFL season, the Oregon Ice find themselves at an even 2-2 in the win/loss column, tied with Anchorage and 1 game behind Ring of Ice Division leader Seattle. The Ice, however, have been playing some pretty solid football as of late, helping them to dig out of a disastrous 0-2 start to the season.

The Week 1 overtime loss at Seattle was a heartbreaker for Ice fans. Starting linebackers Gus Prior (Foot) and Harvey Searcy (Knee) both sustained injuries in that game and have yet to return to action. That did not bode well for the Week 2 date in Durham, who had their way with the Ice that day in a 34-7 lopsided affair. "Definitely not the way we envisioned the start of the season. But we made some necessary adjustments and the team has refused to quit," Ice Head Coach Vince Howland said.

They definitely haven't quit. The Ice have won their last two games, and are in the midst of a 4 game homestand. Even without two of their best linebackers, the Ice managed to outscore their Week 3 and 4 opponents, Arizona and Santa Cruz, by a combined 72-22, giving up 1 passing TD and no rushing TDs. 12th year LB Edwin Stoner has shown he can still have an impact. His strip/sack/TD was part of an Ice 28-3 2nd half onslaught against Arizona. RB Winston Ellison added three rushing touchdowns in that half.

The passing game stepped up for the offense in Week 4 against Santa Cruz. After signing a big multi-year deal in the offseason, then having a rough start to the season, WR Frankie McIntyre came to life in Week 4. Despite the less than favorable weather conditions at home that day, Ice QB Kendall McCarthy connected with McIntyre 6 times for 134 yards, including a 39 yard TD. "We're making great progress both in the run and pass game," said McCarthy. "Tarzan (Hernandez) has really been a great complement to Winston in the backfield and the offensive line has been more solid each week."

The Ice have a tough 4 game stretch coming up, including two divisional games and a trip to Death Valley for a matchup with the currently undefeated Copperheads.

Nice article...I can think of so many bad puns to reply with but I will do the league a favor and keep them to myself.. :D

by Swaygodeus at Wed Feb 18, 2015 04:59 PM


by Wasabiak at Wed Feb 18, 2015 06:09 PM

You might want to check your contract. I do believe you are contractually required to share bad puns, no matter how painful they may be.

by TurfToe at Fri Feb 20, 2015 07:37 AM

Ha you'll see plenty of bad puns from me that's for sure..

by Swaygodeus at Fri Feb 20, 2015 08:27 AM

Gone Tucson? Toros welcome new ownership with home victory


Thu Feb 12 07:48 PM


One of the most storied franchises in CFL history is under new ownership.

The Tucson Toros, who have more wins than any other franchise in the league, more playoff appearances, bowl appearances, as well as a league high 8 Championships, have suffered from a couple rough seasons, missing the playoffs the last two years.

Many had questioned the passion of the team's top brass, which explains the shift to new management.

Now, with a fresh set of eyes, an owner determined to win, and a team that is ready to win now, it's time to see what the Tucson Toros are really made of.

Fans of Tucson are excited and skeptical at the same time. As always, there are rumors of a possible move. Tucson has the worst economic state of any of the 32 CFL teams, and there are many cities campaigning to host a CFL franchise.

Despite this uncertainty, the fans were happy with the new direction, and enjoyed a Week 3 victory against Santa Cruz, in which young gunslinger Dixon Judy went 23-33 for 378 yards and 3 TD's in front of a sellout crowd.

Judy was named Offensive Player of the Week for his performance, something that the new owners would like to see more of.

Management will be evaluating all the pieces of this franchise, but don't expect to see too many knee jerk reactions. With the season underway, management plans to use this season to see what everyone, including the coach staff, brings to Tuscon football.

More news to come as it develops. - AP

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