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Final Resolution from Commissioner about team suspension


JJ Smitty
Tue Jan 19 03:23 PM

Last week you all may have heard that I had to make the hard choice to indefinitely suspend a Team Owner for breaking league rules. In this case a team was moved without the necessary approval despite my explicit warning to the owner about doing so. Moving a team has repercussions beyond just looks; it actually has effects that disrupt the competitive balance and ruin a team for future owners. While I believe the owner when they said it was an "experiment" it had real world consequences for me. I am a real person with a real day job and I spent that day scrambling to roll back the league to keep the league Integrity intact.

Today I made another hard choice. I have discretion in the league rules on how I deal with this issue. Since no permanent damage ended up being done; I feel a permanent suspension is out of order. The owner has assured me of their commitment to following the rules in the future and, in the spirit of fairness, I am inclined to believe him.

That being said; I do have to implement some level of punishment to deter this from happening again. Even though the problem was eventually fixed it did cause quite the ruckus in the league and for me personally. After much deliberation I have decided that the loss of a 3rd round pick in 2061 would both discourage future problems without being unnecessarily draconian.

With that, welcome Zenzog back to the league.

This topic is now closed if you have any concerns. Please PM directly and I can answer you personally.

2060 CFL Draft Review


Red Zone
Mon Jan 18 09:25 AM

I would not be offended with a D.... :lol:

This draft was all about the Thurman Barker trade....so if he's a hit with us then some of my poor picks will be forgotten for a few years....

Campbell & Seidman were a big disappointment. Hoping camp bumps one of them.

by Aamalin at Mon Jan 18, 2021 09:42 AM

Thanks for doing this. Of course PS2 will change some of these grades, I imagine. However I am pleased that the consensus is our top 3 players are of a good quality.

by BazookaJohnny at Mon Jan 18, 2021 02:30 PM

thanks for taking the time to do this red zone! It was much easier to compare my draft compared to others right here on one page. Although we all know none of this matters until the dreadful ps2 haha.

by mac88 at Tue Jan 19, 2021 06:39 PM

Santa Cruz 2060 Draft Review

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Cheesehead Craig
Sun Jan 17 02:55 PM

QB Bryant Darusmont - Tennessee Martin


Arguably the biggest risk in the draft given Bryant went to a small school and did not participate in the combine. The scouting staff liked him and his body of work in college showed great promise. After having 2 seasons of a dumpster fire at QB, Bryant is going to be the QB of the future here. CC showed his commitment to him by getting 15 yr veteran QB Mackey in FA to mentor him.

Draft: 30/68
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

OLB Junior Henry - Colorado


Needing a true WLB this draft CC was thrilled when Henry was available. He has the perfect size and his athleticism was very evident on the field as he earned 1st team defense PAC 12 honors. He has incredible speed and was able to chase down QBs with regularity. This pick is going to allow Finch to move to his natural SLB spot.

Draft: 36/57
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

RT Kenyon Emerson - Marshall


Kenyon had an outstanding combine and has the perfect size for a RT. While overall a bit raw, he was still a great run blocker in college and a great fit for our Smashmouth offense. The value was too great to ignore at this point.

Draft: 19/46
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

DT Jorge Cardone - Florida State


Needing to upgrade our inside run defense, CC went to the ACC and took Cardone who impressed the coaches with his punishing hits and his surprising pass rush ability. Relying more on technique than strength, he was able to use his quickness to get to the QB. Pass rush was an issue for the Privateers last season so the hope is he can give some lift to that aspect of the D.

Draft: 21/43
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

RB Brock May - Tennessee


Fulton is nearing the end and May brings some great inside, tough running and solid receiving skills. He had a very strong combine which was great to see. He didn't get as much action as he should have in college, so CC is hoping that he landed a sleeper RB.

Draft: 33/39
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

S Archie Salyer - Washington


Archie was a big time ballhawk in college and CC realized the need to get more of that in the defensive backfield. Archie was yet another one of CC's picks that had a very good combine and he's hoping that it translates to solid play on the field. He's a bit undersized, so strength is an issue, but his blazing speed should make up for it.

Draft: 24/43
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

ILB Jermaine Cornplow - Stanford


Ok, ok, he was drafted for the name. He is a pass rush specialist.

Draft: 19/31
Post TC:
Ex Week 2:

I knew that Junior Henry was a gym rat...

by TurfToe at Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:30 PM

SIM times change to fix the league stage. Please reimport


JJ Smitty
Wed Jan 13 05:15 PM

1/18/2021 FA 2:1
1/19/2021 FA 2:2-5
1/20/2021 Take the week to create your playbook, change weight/positions & do contract extensions before training camp
1/22/2021 Training Camp

Bal'd locs of denver helped fix the league and the stupid team move to appleton. Thanks Bal'd locs, you are a league saver.

Please reimport the stage and redo your file..

Texas Inferno Rookie Hot Takes


Wed Jan 13 07:12 AM

1.12 - G Ethan Mueller, Buffalo 42/82
This guy looks like a mauler. Our offensive line has been mediocre of late and this guy along with FA Canter should bring a little attitude to the inside and make our RB committee a little happier.

2.13 ILB Ike Wells, Monmouth 29/57
There were higher-rated LBs available, namely Meier, but Wells looks like a smart and capable 3-4 ILB so will be a good player for us.

2.32 RB Patrick Boddy, New Mexico State 41/60
While not a burner and not a power-house, Boddy is a solid back who can contribute as a receiver. He will still likely benefit from a bit of a committee but mostly will benefit from 2 stud OGs in front of him.

3.12 FS Luther Kerr, Kentucky 29/46
Kerr has a reputation as a playmaker who can contribute as a Punt Returner as well. His biggest concern is conditioning, as he tends to wear down as the game goes on. He may not be starter material.

4.13 C Douglas Finley, Tulane 32/53
Finley is not known for his pass blocking acumen but can blow open a hole in the defensive line to clear room for a running back. Along with Mueller, there may be the makings of a good interior run-blocking line in Texas.

5.12 CB Nathaniel Ogden, Florida 21/39
This was a bit of a gamble as he didn't participate at the combine. Ogden projects as possibly a Safety convert in the CFL. If he can make the switch, he could be a good pick in the 5th round.

6.13 WR/KR Joseph Powell, Kentucky 22/33
Powell came into college designated as an Athlete and leaves college with the same designation. He is a talented physical specimen who never really learned to play receiver but is an explosive return man. We will count on him for this, and only this.

7.12 FS Antoine Woodson, San Diego 25/28
Yet another possible conversion, Woodson is a huge physical specimen for a safety and may be better suited as a coverage linebacker. Otherwise he is a mediocre ST contributor so may not find a roster spot.

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

Alaska Kodiaks (Marven)
Alaska Block

Los Angeles Outlaws (Vitostallion)
2061/62 1st rounder(s) available

Baltimore Bombers (SweenDawg)
Baltimore - 2060 Trade Block

Las Vegas Rounders (TurfToe)
Las Vegas Block - 2060

Honolulu Hammerheads (Red Zone)
Honolulu Trade Block

Cleveland Flats (King kosar)
Looking for another 2nd round pick

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)

Atlanta Wolfpack (FlexD)
1.2 available

San Antonio Stingers (hbcook86)
1.5 is available

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR early block

Tucson Toros (Sverngold)
Open for offers

Oregon Bandits (mac88)
1.8 is available

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)
Shreveport Trade Block

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

Omaha Arrowheads (JJ Smitty)
2060 trade block (starting linebackers)

Kansas City Storm (Ternvig)
**RB Thurman Barker 25 - 80/80 **