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 Post subject: 2059 Draft Review - Fargo
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 2:28 pm 

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We passed on LT Cloude who we saw as VO in last year's draft to pick up Miami's 1st rounder only to see our veteran LT take a hit, so this draft was gonna be all about those 2 1st rounders. Didn't love any of the top LT prospects and where we really wanted to be was the early-mid 2nd but only had one offer come in from LVS for 2.32 and a 1st 2 years out, a previous offer for both his 2nds and the 2061 1st was tentatively agreed upon but his top LB target was taken so we were left to our own incongruous devices.

1.18 DL Tweener Bradford 29/66 --- C+ ---- 34/62
We regretted this almost instantly. With just 13% developed and nearly $5MM/year in bonus, this was definitely a forward looking move. But we were shipping off our expiring DL contracts left and right for midround picks. I expect he will bump up a bit with a rock solid CMB and if we can turn him into a productive player in year 2 then we will feel better. Therein lies the biggest doubt though as DTs rarely seem to put up good numbers. Will have to wait on TC to see what his weight options are but for now look for him to be the next man up at any DL position. Also liked how we could likely play the LDE in a 34 Eagle should we decide to go back to that front in the future. A nice ST bar will help his development along.

Final Notes As expected a good 3T who won't hit development until hsi 3rd year, terrible pick D+

1.25 EDGE Almeida 42/57 (Underrated) - A- ... 55/66
Another regrettable choice seeing how things played out as better but lower endurance players were taken quite late. We were torn between him and S Lucky but liked the fact that he was 60% developed as whoever we drafted at 43DE would need to play right away. Also love some Play Diagnosis from our contain defenders. Additionally, he has coverage bars for any eventual switch to a 34 Eagle. Would like to see his run D bar bump a bit but worst case scenario he is an every down DE/34OLB.

Final Notes As anticipated, ready to start day one and super solid if not sexy A-

2.26 C Fuller 32/62 A- ... 37/60
Lots of Cs in this draft. we liked Fuller as much as any of them due to his 44 SOL score and 4.92 40 time. We have a C who will likely play out his contract next season but will be nice to be getting an elite run blocker back there after future HoFer Keith retired on us last offseason and we felt the difference.

Final Notes all bars came in about 10 lower than I would have liked but coudl take over as soon as net season B+

3.25 S Bates 16/57 A 22/54
Prototype FS, we noticed incumbent FS Watkins was wanting $30MM/year but with 2 years left so were looking for an eventual replacement and got our man. Absolutely stoked to have this guy on board, his run D may end up in the 50s but otherwise we are looking at 80s in all the other FS bars and combined with some of our other players will enable us to start running out some 3-Deep coverages very soon. STer for this year and next though.

Final Notes pretty much expected, woulda liekd more endurance but super solid pick A-

3.29 TE O'Callaghan 25/42 C- ... 27/44
With a boatload of 4ths in next year's draft we traded our future 3rd for the chance to add another player in this year's draft. The TE market is bonedry as many have noticed, and it is gaping hole on our roster with 3 low endurance what we would really like is a guy for YAC and run blocking as we have 2 top WR targets and really just want someone dangerous more than productive. If his route running can get up to 50 then we will call this a success but likely could have done better at another position.

Final Notes YAC and Big Play bars didn't get where we wanted but blockign was better than expected will be a nice rotational TE B-

4.26 S Deshell 19/54 B ... 24/41
Looks eerily similar to a former Sodbuster whose outlier season led to a Bowl win, S Brewer. We are paperthin at boundary at boundary CB and one injury away at SS so this is pretty much an insurance pick. The bars we are seeing aren't that great but with a 52 SOL and 4.47 40 at 205 lbs he should be good enough to be next man up for year's to come. Not much ST bar so he will likely be inactive for this season until Dubord moves on to greener pastures next offseason.

Final Notes bars dropped too much to justify roster spot D

4.29 WR/PR Miner 22/46 B .... 26/39
Another trade of a future 4th to Boise. We already have a stable of high route running guys but until y'all start offering me proper compensation for them we will keep stockpiling them. We are also sick and tired or fumbles on PRs so figured maybe a skill position guy can hold onto the ball better than our longtime CB return man. Another player who will use ST to develop and someday could be our WR3.

Final Notes another high RR WR for our stable of unused depth there, not a bad player but not of much value to us C-

5.23 G Sample 12/56 B+ ... 15/46
Lotta 50something Gs coming off in the 5th round but we got our preferred player. 40 SOL and a 5.04 40 time and very solid endurance made this an easy pick despite his 0 strength as we are gonna roll with a pass protector RG this year but may be looking for a different player type soon.

Final Notes pass pro bars declined too muchto be of any use, will be cut shortly D

6.26 K Agan 17/60 B+ ... 18/43
We looked at this K class a lot as we had no one signed and didn't want to spend there. We have had success drafting Ks in the past by matching CMBs to Bars as those bars can be very deceiving but none o fthe Ks had a good match. Opted for this fella as who can argue with those bars even if they are suspect. Only issue is his development so will have to resign a safer option and maybe carry 2 Ks this year or just drop this dud.

Final Notes as expected with his suspect combines, crapped out C-

All in all, we took players who may likely be starters for us for a long time even if they aren't great Ratings guys but who have the endurance to be every down players and fit our development-need curve.

Final Notes 4 solid starters and 2 rotational players sounds alright but we left a lot of value on the bone and didn't get any true difference makers B-

Fargo Sodbusters

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 Post subject: Re: 2059 Draft Review - Fargo
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:21 am 
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Interested to see how O'Callaghan turns out.

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