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Wed Jan 31 09:22 AM

Iowa City Soldiers

1.18 SS Roberto Emmons 40/66 - Will make the move to CB. Very pleased with this pick. So far he looks good
3.18 DT Shawn Mahoney 36/54 - Looks good so far. Good value pick
3.25 TE Shawn Fleming 38/51 - We were looking to get younger at TE and were very pleased that Fleming was there for us
4.17 RB Brant Jackson 42/55 - Looking for a 2nd RB, we feel that Jackson was a steal at 4.17. So far he looks good.
5.19 WR Gustavo Juneau 19/37 - We traded a future pick to draft him, as he came back underrated. A bit disappointed here, but hopefully he gets a bump.
6.16 DE Cameron Wagner 19/41 - I thought he would reveal a bit better than what I see. He will be making a move to DT, and maybe he'll get the bump he needs.
6.20 QB Bucky Gredzinski 12/25 - He was basically brought in to hold a clipboard and be the 3rd string QB. We got exactly what we expected, any added bumps will be a bonus.
7.18 CB Percy Gray 21/39 - Brought in for depth and special teams he is what we thought he would be.
7.19 RB Leonardo Deppe 41/54 - He looked good to me and he also looked like he could fill a role on special teams. Very happy with what I see so far in him, breakaway speed, speed to the outside, and good hole rec, an absolute steal at 7.19

So far this draft class appears to be good.

Looking good Iowa. After the rookies hit my team my biggest three needs are ILB, OLB and reserve FB according to the game hahaha. Reserve FB.

by Teutoberg at Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:57 PM

1.16 - Sammie Szczepaniak FS, Clemson. 34/74

Sammie is a bit raw in the technical areas of the position but is an athletic freak and a punishing hitter. He will have to be weened into action as he continues to learn, but he will make an immediate impact as the team's kickoff and punt return man. Szczepaniak will be one of the top safeties in the league a couple years down the line

2.15 - Philip Picton WR, Tennessee 38/65

Philip Picton is an undersized speedster who has big-play ability right off the bat and can develop into a solid route runner. Year 1, Picton will be mostly used as a deep threat but should be able to develop a more complete game as he gains more experience.

4.15 - Juan Wells G, North Carolina 36/59

Wells is a balanced guard that can function both in run and pass blocking, and has the potential to become a great pass blocking guard. He may not see immediate action with Atlanta's stout run blocking line, but he will make a capable backup and will be a good piece to build around in the future

5.16 - Gage Toll CB, Wyoming 21/48

Toll is a raw prospect that has the potential to be a good man corner in the future. He could be decent at zone as well, but will never be able to come up and press. Although his strengths are limited, he can become quite good at them and may be a nice roleplayer in the future.

6.15 - Korey Milanovich FB, Auburn 26/46

As the only fullback on the roster, Milanovich will be able to see some playing time right away. His run blocking is underdeveloped but can become decent in the future. He has decent power and will be an option for the team to use in short yardage situations.

7.16 - Alejandro Winters ILB, Syracuse 13/28

Winters could never put it together on the field in college but his combine raised some eyebrows so we decided to take a stab at him here. The coaching staff has been disappointed in his performance in rookie minicamp. He will get a chance to improve during training camp, but may not make the final roster.

Overall I'm happy with this draft. Most of these guys are going to be liabilities right away but only one of my picks was a complete waste, and I was able to trade my 3rd rounder for a receiver that can come and help my young QB right away.

by ThePelvicWoo at Sat Feb 03, 2018 06:41 AM

Las Vegas Rounders 2051 Draft

1.15 LB Donnie Gillespie


Utah will definitely miss their captain next year, as this dynamic middle linebacker not only led the team in tackles, but also in sacks and forced fumbles. Gillespie impressed the Vegas coaches in his interview who have all but announced the smallish Gillespie as Norman Burke's replacement on the outside. If you didn't watch this freak of nature in the combine highlight reels, be sure to catch a Rounders game this fall and watch this specimen in action.

2.16 LB Tristan Kemp


Kemp is just another Auburn talent headed to the CFL. Kemp terrorized opposing quarterbacks with his pass rush strength and technique all season, while also punishing runners with his size and speed. Even though Kemp tripped the stopwatches at 4.48 in the 40, Vegas coaches have expressed an interest in Kemp trimming down even more for the pro level and improve on his 40 time that many scouts have already said understate his on-field speed. Vegas's recent change to a base 43 defense may explain the influx of linebacker talent and a switch to more athletic pass rushers that may also need to defend against the pass.

3.15 QB Damian Sinclair


The Rounders are dying for an answer at the QB position and fans are elft to hope that young Damian Sinclair is that answer. Sinclair tantalized scuts at the combine in the positional drills, but many were left wanting a bit more in other areas. Many scouts see him as completely raw and a bit undersized. However, they don't get much smarter or any more motivated than Sinclair, who is graduating from Texas Tech with a dual major and with honors in the coming months. The Vegas staff seems to think they have a diamond in the rough with natural talent and a very high ceiling.

4.16 LB Warren Alcorn


Alcorn was a four-year starter and a four-year standout at Rice. Whether his hand was in the dirt or he was chasing down TE's in coverage, Alcorn was known for his utility and big hit ability. although his endurance is a question mark, there's no doubt he will take full advantage of any opportunities he gets in Vegas' front seven.

4.25 S Damon Rickard


This diminutive safety was a favorite of Cal fans and teammates alike. The scuttlebutt has finally been settled as the official height and weight numbers (5' 8" 199 lbs) were published following the CFL combine. There's still a few rumors that Rickard had rolls of quarters stuffed in his socks in hopes of breaking the 200 lb mark but he fell a few dollars short. There are many who say Rickard is not big enough to play the position at the next level but his interception and return for TD numbers are hard to ignore. California's Coach Wilcox said that the coaches stopped pulling him out of the extra reps in tackling drills because he kept finding ways to sneak back into them. He said the team sort of self-policed his determination because the running backs started to call him out. The only problem was that his teammates weren't worried about his over exposure to hitting drills - they were more concerned about looking bad themselves. Cal running back Tre Watson said, "The guys always joking about what's heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of them damn feathers and I don't know, but I know that a pound of Lil' Ricky is heavier then both them put together. Running through my boy is like trying to run through a brick wall in quicksand with an octopus hanging off you. If he ain't knock you back, knock you down, or tie up them legs, you gonna have to drag his tentacle-arm-clinging ass wherever you be going". Well Tre, he be going to Vegas to join a stout Safety corps.

5.15 CB Brian Parise


Vegas was clearly looking for some big-hitting playmaker sin the 2051 draft. Parise had a solid career at Wisconsin where he was most known for separating players from the ball followed closely by his ability to shut down opposing receivers. Parise may see some time in the nickle package but will earn his paycheck on special teams.

6.16 WR Sherman Augustyniak


Duke's Augustyniak showed his tremendous ability to adjust to the ball at his Pro Day where the winds were gusting upwards of 30 mph. It didn't matter and he was even overheard telling his QB to just get it on his half of the field and would take care of the rest. Some teams saw his speed, deep route running, and ability to adjust to the ball correlating directly to success in the CFL. Although a bit raw, Augustyniak has every bit a chance to make this WR corps as the next guy.

6.27 WR Eugene Wayne


You won't find any whiter receivers than those found at Duke and Idaho. Idaho's Eugene Wayne is about as short and as white as you can find in the continental United States. This 5'9" drink of skim milk has tremendous instincts with the ball in his hands. Considering Idaho's waterboy has 2 inches and 10 pounds on this kid, it's no wonder he can run away form people so well. He's got the instincts and guts to make it in the CFL and Vegas is betting he can make it on their squad. Time will tell.

7.15 TE Jon Hatcher


Hatcher was an overachiever at South Carolina or so his tape showed. This is not necessarily a bad thing but every tape a scout pulls on this guy always shows a player performing above his measured skill traits, including film going back to high school. His ability to turn nothing into something on a consistent basis with single dominating trait makes him an intriguing late-round add for any franchise.

by TurfToe at Sat Feb 03, 2018 08:46 PM

This draft was an historic one for Seattle:

First, because all the drafted players made the team.
And second because three members of the same family were drafted on the same team! Cousins A.J, Travis, and Jackie will boost chemistry in the locker room.

1.1 QB Travis Emmons (Evansville) 36/74
Finally Seattle has a franchise QB, Evan Washington was drafted in the first round in 2046, but he didn't live up to expectations. With less skills Randall Diaz made some miracles in the past, I hope Emmons will have at least a similar career.

2.1 RCB Jimmy Kirk (Georgia Tech) 42/54
3.1 LCB Reuben Parrish (Ohio State) 31/36
4.1 FS Trey Barnikow (Kansas State) 38/51
5.1 SS Jackie Emmons (Oregon) 27/40
Massive investment in defensive backs, I'm happy with all of them, even if Parrish didn't have a good training camp. Kirk and Barnikow will certainly be starters at some point this year.

6.1 WLB Bryan Pescaia (DePauw) 29/41
Good depth with Pescaia considering that Seattle will move to a 34 defense.

7.1 FL A.J. Emmons (West Virginia) 14/26
Some say that A.J. made the cut because of a poor receiver corpse, it's true, but even with his poor ratings, I've some hope that with experience on the field someday he will reveal hidden talents. At least he will help on special teams.

A good draft for me, even if it didn't fully address last year anemic offensive performance.

by citronvert at Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:30 AM

Is your team the Thunderbirds or Spartans?

by Teutoberg at Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:10 PM

1.28 RB Jeff Fulton 58/64, a franchise defining player,our interviews were actuallycorrect this time as his bars held at 100 for Hole Recognition, Power Inside and SpeedOutside. His only knock is alack of pass pro but looks like we will continue to be a run first team for the future as this iteration of the team is on its last legs.

2.28 S Manning 27/72, a bit raw and limited endurance but another franchise definer with dang near perfect bars.

3.28 DT Walsh 39/54, drafted as a pure rusher and that is what he will be, hoping he singlehandedly can improve 3rd down defense a good bit with those 2 maxedout passrush . bars, may drop weight and move to DE in the future.

4.27 EDGE Nichols 26/44 He will be lining up at DE in our 43Over, raw but could have very good run and pass rush technique bars by next year.

7.28 CB Kendle 12/24 a one-tool man cover prospect, won't play much this year but if his potential holds he should be able to play out his contract

We rocked it this year- 2 defining players, a starter, a studly roleplayer and a rotational guy with no real misses.

by Ushikawa at Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:35 PM

Honolulu Offseason Review

We had a few needs coming into this offseason, mainly at RT, DE and RB. We filled all 3 needs through FA and a trade. During the draft I went for BPA.

I traded my 1st round pick for RB Lenny Morrison, according to our scouts he is the highest rated RB in the league at 72 overall. Couldn't be happier about adding this beast RB, 5.4 YPC career average so far. He should propel our running game to one of the best in the league.

If I didn't trade the 1st round pick, I would've been looking for a RB/T with the pick, more than likely would've taken Jeff Fulton, Glen Manning, or Howard Mallard.

2.24 DT Wes Cumming 25/47
We need DT help and Cumming looked decent to our scouts. A little disappointing he turned out as average. But he will get time in a rotational role, and hopefully can get better for us next season.

3.24 WR Josh Stanton 43/58
Last season we snagged the best WR in a weak class with Bubba Harrow. This year we got another great WR in the 3rd round with Stanton. With he avoid drops and adjust to ball potential so high, he may be one of the best possession receivers in the league. He has great Route running, 3rd down catching and big play receiving. He'll fit in great for my offense.

4.24 DE Damien Carmody 24/47
Another D line depth pick. He has great potential to be a run stuffer, should get a rotational role at some point.

5.24 T JB Bell 32/50
We needed Tackle depth and Bell fits the role nicely. His bars turned up great for a 5th rounder and should be a solid swing Tackle and potential RT starter in the future.

6.24 RB Julian Currier 28/34
The weakest player in this draft class. Currier was chosen because he has punt returning skills and I needed a 3rd RB. He has good hole recognition, elusiveness and good size. He won't get any carries with 2 great RBs in front of him though. He was brought in to be a punt returner.

7.24 WR Kody Medina 31/49
We snagged another solid WR in the 7th round. I picked him for his kick returning skills, his receiving skills were a bonus. Should be a great 5th receiver on the team.

Undrafted Players

WR Percy Coe 26/58
A steal of a player being undrafted. He could use some seasoning but will be a great WR in the league. Currently is 4th on my team.

P Evan Brandon 48/55
We took a chance on changing punters this year after having too many punt returns for TDs. Hopefully this helps change that.

TE Carter Watkins 22/35
We needed a 4th TE and got him for nothing. He'll only play if there's an injury.

Overall we had a good draft, not spectacular. But RB Morrison helps make up for it.

Our Offense looks loaded with the addition of RB Morrison, RT Brady, WRs Stanton, Coe and Medina. Every starter on offense is "Good" or higher potential. I wouldn't want to match up with us.

On Defense we made some improvements as well. DE Horn comes in to help our Run defense, he's a decent pass rusher. DE Karpel improved as well. Our linebacker and secondary got better as well with 2nd year players SS Stoffers, SLB Maxwell and CB Barry all improving. The only position that weakened was DT due to Avery Terrell getting older, but this was expected.

On Special Teams, we improved at Punt and Kick Returner, at Punter and added a few good/great Special Teams players. I expect to be improved.

In conclusion, I expect my offense to be nearly unstoppable this year. While on defense we should be slightly improved on last season's performance.

by Teutoberg at Mon Feb 19, 2018 02:41 PM

It's the Spartans, it's an old banner, one day I'll change it.

by citronvert at Wed Feb 21, 2018 01:15 PM