El Paso Rockets

Owner: Pip76

I love the excitement of taking that first look at a new teams roster. When a slot is open in a MP it is very rarely that a winning dynasty comes available. Rather you inherit a struggling franchise that has drafted poorly and invested large amounts on solid yet expensive veterans.

Ultimatley, persoanlly it woundnt be very interested in taking on a winning team. In theory ( I hope) the only way is up.

My biggest bugbear are injuries (I'm espeicially obcessed with this part of the game after a roster in another game was struck down with flu, denying me 20 players for a wildcard game - after the initial fury, mouse abuse, a royal flounce and a good nights sleep, I take it on the chin - after all it's only a game.

So of course on first visiuals of my new team the incredible underperforming El Paso Rockets my highest rated defensive player All League (2048) nose tackle Harris Cheaney will be out for the whole season with a torn deltoid muscle.

I always hope that the franchise I inherit has a full set of draft selections, luckily the El Paso has all 7 - and most importantly the fifth choice, invested properly a stud cornerstone player or a valuble trading entity to try and gain more picks - it is after all a Crapshoot!

It was pointed out in the welcome messages that the Rockets play in NC East - four teams devoid of top talent at the QB position. It certainly looks like the previous owner(s) invested high picks on QBs - including last years 10th pick overall Michael Briel who is tradgically 16/35 - I love Doug Flutie - but I find 5 10 way to small for a QB in FOF. Lenny Morrison is a pleasent surprise with brilliant stats and outstanding performance in a struggling team.

He may well have to be sacrificed - it would be a shame for such an outstanding talent being held back by what is quiet an extensive long haul rebuild. So if you're looking for one of the best RB's in the league - hit me up I'm always looking to make a trade!

All other departments have one or two bright spots but overall lacking in pure talent, however, with 161million dollars to invest we could perhaps take a risk on the better younger free agents.

The El Paso Rockets have not had a winning season since 2038 and the brilliant QB Bryant Treat (212 starts and over 50000 yards) Treat will be inducted onto the 'Apollo List' the new El Paso Rockets Hall of Fame.

With only 30 players under contract, I'm hopeful that it will be a very busy and productive off season - we will need to bring in at least 20 players to support the existing players.

I love this part of the game, let the re-build begin!

Good luck to you! I'll enjoy seeing more write ups!

by Teutoberg at Fri Jan 12, 2018 08:54 PM