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2062 Draft Review - Round 4


Wed Sep 15 10:50 AM

Thought I might share a couple of my scouting reports for players that I was looking at in the 4th... more rounds to come.

TE Glen Rude - Louisiana - Lafayette - 6'1" 248lbs
Selected by Cleveland, pick 4 - 15 (111)

The Ragin' Cajuns don't often send representatives to the CFL but TE Glen Rude's college career had scouts calling. After having only 17 catches for 182 yards as a sophomore, Rude had a huge jump in production as a junior, catching 53 passes for 568 yards and six touchdowns. He went on to improve his senior year with 62 catches for 615 yards in eight touchdowns, albeit against subpar competition.

When watching the tape, the two things that pop out are his speed in open space and his excellent soft hands. The Combine confirmed his blazing speed and he performed well in field drills. Rude has a nicely polished route tree with fluid hips that allow him to shake linebackers between the hashes. He's more than willing to stay home and block but shines as a receiving threat due to his lack of size and strength.

In the CFL, he will need to work on his blocking techniques to compensate for his smaller stature. He was regularly double teamed in college and this was a problem on third downs, leading to decreased efficiency when attempting to move the chains. This could be a problem at the next level if he is an offense's number one target. Still, he looks to be a solid contributor after season or two.

DE Richie Zukauskas - Rutgers - 6'3" 269lbs
Selected by Boston, pick 4 - 11 (107)

Richie Zukauskas was the centerpiece of a Rutgers pass rush that simply dominated opponents. Over four years he racked up 55 sacks, 85 tackles, and 10 forced fumbles. He looked every bit the special player when hunting quarterbacks but there are holes in his game that could see his draft position fall.

First the good: In the pass rush, Zukauskas is truly dominant. He has quickness around the edge, power to knock tackles off balance, and the vision to keep eyes on the quarterback. Technique is on full display as he employs a wide variety of tools to get off blocks and fight through double teams.

However, Zukauskas is not a star as a run defender... and could even be a liability. His singular focus on rushing the passer could be addressed through experience and coaching but he seems to fade away once the ball is handed off. He regularly loses gap coverage by biting on fakes and sometimes stays in containment too long without the explosiveness or quick feet to catch runners moving sideways.

Zukauskas looks like a potential franchise defensive player as an edge rusher capable of producing double-digit sack seasons on an annual basis. Unfortunately, the team that selects him must have a solid group of linebackers to compensate for his poor run defense until it improves.

FB Harris Markowitz - North Carolina State - 5'9" 232lbs
Selected by Denver, pick 4 - 9 (105)

No offense to QB Rodney Ingram, but the Wolfpack's tough rushing offense was the star of that program over the last two seasons. Markowitz flashed real ability as part of the rotation alongside RB Kirk Hughes and Richard Bruce. In 2061, he picked up 515 yards with six touchdowns over only 67 carries. He was an effective pass catcher too, adding 34 receptions for 272 yards and one touchdown through the air.

In the CFL, Markowitz is a powerful downhill runner who will break tackles and is really tough for defenders to bring down. His lower body strength is key to collecting yards after contact. In the passing game, Markowitz is dangerous on swings to the flat and screens. He has the hands to make the catch and blows through smaller DBs like a bowling ball. He has some athletic limitations as a route-runner and probably won't be a candidate to run routes out of the slot. However, success there would not be a surprise.

NC State often deployed him as a fullback and it looks to be his niche as he enjoys taking on defenders and shows a willing attitude in pass protection. As a backup or rotational player, Markowitz could also be a core special teams contributor because he has the key traits of speed, toughness and instincts to play on those units. At the very minimum, he will be an asset in short-yardage and goal-line situations.

Timer fixed. The timer will start tomorrow morning at 6amMST


JJ Smitty
Fri Sep 10 05:40 PM

The timer will start tomorrow morning at 6 am MST and going forward it will be fixed

Draft utility ready for 2062 draft, starts 9/10 @ 10 am MST

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JJ Smitty
Mon Sep 06 06:35 AM

Link: http://www.thecfl.us/fof_draft/

To register, go to the link above and select the register tab. Your username is your teams full city name. For example, my username is Omaha.

Make sure you use the name below for your team;

Atlantic City
Boise City
Death Valley
El Paso
Iowa City
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
San Antonio
Santa Cruz
St. Louis

As always, you must register before the draft clock starts or your picks will be autopicked for you.


Round 1: 2 hours
Round 2: 2 hours
Round 3: 1 hour
Round 4: 1 hour
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 30 Minutes
Round 7: 30 Minutes

If you miss a pick then your time is reduced for the remaining rounds.

Please register early and let me know if you see any problems. Happy drafting!

Remember the draft time change;

Round 1: 2 hours
Round 2: 2 hours
Round 3: 1 hour
Round 4: 1 hour
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 30 Minutes
Round 7: 30 Minutes

Get your lists made...

by JJ Smitty at Wed Sep 08, 2021 07:45 AM

If you missed the franchise stage, List Player Here.


JJ Smitty
Thu Sep 02 08:27 AM

Please list off your team and player.

I can force a one year franchise contract for the owners who missed the franchise stage.

If you want to keep the player past the franchise year, just pm me and we can try and sign an extension

Cheesehead Craig SCU LT Harvey Cosgrove from discord.

by JJ Smitty at Thu Sep 02, 2021 08:34 AM

Boise City WR Fred Wagner

by RedStorm44 at Thu Sep 02, 2021 01:54 PM

Boston Blizzard Franchises CB Irving Hannam

THank you so much for doing this. Another league I am in my daughter was in the hospital for a few days. Could not get an export in. I missed it by 4-6 hours. The commish refused to allow me to keep my player. He was a 25 year old 80/80 rated QB.

by slimmikey at Thu Sep 02, 2021 04:08 PM

Thanks - this was completely my own screw up.

MLB Lance Bartrum

by Masked at Thu Sep 02, 2021 04:36 PM

Thanks JJ,

Big fat 'I like pancakes'

DT Joe Butterfield.

by Ternvig at Fri Sep 03, 2021 03:24 AM

Ok, it's done.

by JJ Smitty at Tue Sep 07, 2021 06:06 AM

If you want to keep the player past the franchise year, just pm me and we can try and sign an extension

by JJ Smitty at Tue Sep 07, 2021 06:10 AM

2062 Retirements


Wed Aug 25 07:54 AM

Jeff Fulton RB drafted 1.28 in 2051--- an all-time great of the High HoleRecog and low Elusiveness variety, perhaps related to Butch Fulton 2010s. As a starter for FAR for his first 7 seven seasons he had more than 3000 carries and 13K yards including POs. He was the tireless soldier during our rebuild and the centerpiece of our O when we started to contend. Recordholder for rushing yards in a regular season with 2291. 2nd all time in rushing yards at 15,402. He was Holzer with more meat on him and we ruthlessly traded him when drafting Holzer. He had 2 more excellent seasons in Santa Cruz and even played for rival MIA last season to spite us. Safe to say there is no Curse of 370 in FOF and he was a player that identified us as a team like few can.

Love and hate this post,

SLB Chase Lyon: Originally drafted by the Brawlers in 2051. After four years, Brooklyn could not afford him and let him earn his money on free agency. The Inferno picked him up and he served them well for five years. We brought it back home with Chase to retire a Brawler after letting him leave.

C Victor Stoddard: Drafted in the third round with TE Burns and DE Springer drafted before him in the Brawler 2049 draft class. (one of our best). He always had the big shoes to fill of Raymond Spurgeon, but being 6-6 296 helped. Another great Brawler center and will be missed.

On the subject of the 2049 draft class:

OT Efrain Ansell: Brooklyn was trying to decide who to take with the sixth overall pick. The Brawlers took DE Wade Springer, but Ansell was a close second. He went on to be one of the best OT's the CFL has had.

by Dean Gullberry at Wed Aug 25, 2021 01:26 PM

DE Riley Gray - The heart and soul of Detroit's defense for nearly a decade. We were able to keep him a few more years to mentor our crop of three(!) promising defensive linemen and it looks like it was the right decision. 2056-2059 showcased his chemistry with DE Gradkowski even if it was overshadowed by LVS' DE Johnstone and DE Anagnostis.

by zenzog at Wed Aug 25, 2021 02:21 PM

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

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Detroit 2062 Trade Block

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR PreSeason BLock

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Las Vegas 2062 Block - CBs

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)
Shreveport Trade Block - 2062

Boston Blizzard (slimmikey)
1.32 looking to trade down

New Orleans Voodoo (BGBob)
Young Bowl Winning QB Available

San Antonio Stingers (hbcook86)
San Antonio trade block (Pre Draft)

Boston Blizzard (slimmikey)
Boston's Updated Trade Block

Santa Cruz Privateers (Cheesehead Craig)
Santa Cruz 2062 Block (hint: it's draft picks)

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Oregon mid season block

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