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2065 Las Vegas Draft Review


Mon Sep 12 11:02 PM

2065 Las Vegas Rounders Draft Review

1-14 (14)
Tristan Coles OLB Akron
6'1" 260 lbs

Pre-Camp: OLB 33/65 (DE 44/78)
Post-Camp Analysis: Coles was asked to add some weight to his 6'1" frame during training camp to better prepare him for his transition to Defensive End. SC Coach Francisco Levels was happy with the results, "Tristan and Gio did everything we asked this summer. Not only did they add the muscle they'll need to play with their hand in the dirt, but they led the workouts. Tristan is the quiet type that leads by example while Gio really took a step forward as a vocal leader of our front seven."


OLB Coles was the targeted pick from the minute we saw the draft class...Coles no matter what. The only potential obstacle was trade talks with Oregon to secure the 1.01 to select DE Mo Reilly. After further analysis, we were comfortable taking the 2nd best pass rusher in the draft and the possibility of landing another top 5 edge rusher at 1.21 in Giovanni Ford. After the mock draft, we realized these guys were no longer sliding to the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2nd and decided to make a move to land both. Coles will be starting at DE opposite Omar Brock and will have plenty of reps to develop into an elite pass rusher.

1-15 (15)
Giovanni Ford OLB Baylor
6'2" 265 lbs
Pre-Camp: OLB 33/65 (RDE 39/68)
Post-Camp Analysis: See Coles above. Ford was asked to gain weight as well and did so effortlessly. The coaching staff expects to know more following the upcoming pre-season action (specifically Pre-2 JD).

Much like Coles, Ford has the prototypical size and combine for 34 OLB's that transition well to 43 DE in the CFL. While Ford's size is a more natural fit than Coles', he's slower according to the lasers and doesn't possess the brute strength of Coles. While the tape suggests Coles is a more explosive player, there's no reason Ford cannot be one of the top 5 edge rushers to come out of the 2065 draft. Ford will get plenty of opportunities to grow into a starting role in this front seven.

2-22 (54)
Peter Minter CB Vanderbilt
5'7" 186 lbs
You don't have to be tall if you got hops.
Pre-Camp: 33/57
Post-Camp Analysis: Minter did well in camp and earned a starting spot across from new addition Dalton Hughes in the preseason. Minter will slide to the Nickel in some situations and rotate with veterans Strzelczyk and Leyva in various fronts. After years of avoiding the Cuban Missile (CB Rodriguez) in practice, runners have started switching spots in line to go against the Cuban Missile instead of the diminutive Minter who has earned the nickname Spear Minter in camp. The nickname supposedly describes his pleasant yet spicey personality as well as his tackling attitude.

Minter enters a crowded defensive backfield in Vegas and will be fighting for opportunities right out of the gate. Minter's diminutive stature may be viewed by some as a liability but fellow Rounder Nick Rodriguez, affectionately referred to as the Cuban Missile, has won over the Vegas faithful who have learned to give the little guys a chance to win them over. As far as the coaching staff is concerned, Minter needs to bring his quickness, run defense, and penchant for drilling ball carriers to every snap if he wants to see significant action in the near future.

3-12 (76)
Luis Gibson S Houston
6'2" 220 lbs
Pre-Camp: 22/47
Post-Camp Analysis: Gibson got lost in the shuffle in training camp and will be fighting for opportunities in the pre-season.

The 3rd round got away from the Rounders a bit with reports of technology issues in the war room. Fortunately, the issue was identified before the 4th round started and the draft board got straightened out. While Gibson may not have been the top target in this round, he was still on the list for one of the 3rd round picks. Gibson won Vegas' attention with his solid coverage skills and his tackling ability. As crowded as this secondary is, anyone has a shot at winning a starting safety spot in this group.

3-17 (81)
Adam Gourdine TE Iowa State
6' 6" 270 lbs
Pre-Camp: 27/44
Post-Camp Analysis: Gordo will not only make the 53-man roster but stands to get significant experience in his rookie campaign. He may elevate his status from 4th string to replacing one of the aging vets pending his performance over the next few games.

Not exactly what Vegas saw as 3rd round talent but Gourdine will have every shot to make an impact. Even if he was on the board for a 4th or 5th round gamble, the Rounders hope Gordo can deliver some 3rd round value. He made the list with his ability to get downfield and make plays once he has the ball in his hands, which is important for this position in the CFL.

4-11 (107)
Noah Finley RB Arizona
Pre-Camp: 40/61
Post-Camp Analysis: Finley looks to be the lead back heading into the pre-season. There was quite a log jam at the position before camp, but Finley has staked his claim and the rest will be fighting for their roster lives.

Finley was at the top of the Rounders list heading into the 3rd before some technowizbangery jumbled the list. Trade rumors circulated as TurfToe entered talks to get back into the 3rd, but with the Rounders' 2066 1st and 2nd already on a plane to Omaha via the trade for LB Green, the Rounders held pat and hoped Finley might slide to the 4th. Finley was there and the Rounders couldn't call his name fast enough. Now they just hope he can prove he's better than the herd of runners trying to get ahead in the backfield currently.

5-15 (143)
Pete Molinaro WR California
5' 9" 189 lbs
Pre-Camp: 24/44
Post-Camp Analysis: Insert late round, 5'9" receiver meme here.

Vegas had their sights on WR Philcox in the 5th, but New Orleans snagged him early in the 5th. There were quite a few WRs with 5th-round value but Molinaro's consistent WR bars and gameplay combined with special team ability earned him a shot at the 53-man roster.

6-14 (174)
Juan Iwuoma QB Iowa
6' 1" 211 lbs
Pre-Camp: 4/40
Post-Camp Analysis: Yes, Juan can hold kicks. Next.

Vegas just wasn't in a position to net any of the QBs they liked in this class; Fisk, Wayne, Waerig, or Fowlkes. Part of it is the reluctance to move up for a QB as Vegas can't draft a QB outside the obvious ones at 1.01. Iwouma is very raw and as long as he can hold kicks, he'll have a job and a chance to learn from one of the best.

6-15 (175)
Clay Grimes S Bowling Green
6' 0" 206 lbs
Pre-Camp: 17/37
Post-Camp Analysis: Nothing new was learned about Grimes in camp - he looks like he can be a returner at this level just like he did before he was selected. Trial by fire is still the only test this kid needs to take and he will do so soon.

Grimes' front-side numbers aren't important - he was one of a few players tagged as a 6th/7th round pick as a returner and a special teams contributor. Grimes' zone bar may earn him some snaps from time to time, but he'll get plenty of face time on game day running back kicks and outside as a gunner. Grimes went here as it was our last pick and I didn't want to have to bid on a specialist in late free agency.

lol love the draft day reference

by Teutoberg at Tue Sep 13, 2022 08:37 AM

Post-camp thoughts added.

by TurfToe at Mon Sep 26, 2022 02:35 PM

2065 Texas Inferno Draft Review


Mon Sep 12 07:12 AM

1.6 -G Jeremiah Irwin, Houston - 51/84 56/81
This was a somewhat no-brainer pick. With our cap situation and the best cap-saving move being cutting our long-time starting G, Canter; this saved us a bunch of money without hurting us too much. That isn't to mention that Irwin has HOF-caliber G written all over him.
While Irwin's future rating took a slight dip, he still looks like a perennial All-Pro.

1.18 - WR Sedrick Flowers, Virginia Tech - 39/56 43/57
Flowers has some speed and decent route-running skills but was plagued by drops in college. The Inferno need more weapons on offense desperately and this was not a great receiver class according to most draft experts. Flowers appears to be a decent players that can contribute out of the gate.
Flowers' ratings essentially stayed neutral. It was nice to see a nice increase in current rating so maybe he can contribute more right away.

2.1 - TE Clay Musial, Minnesota - 35/50 37/43
While there were some premier tight ends in this class taken in round one, Musial appears to be a solid TE that can contribute as a receiver and run blocker. He is not elite in either area but will be a nice option in the passing game, at least.
My first reach of the draft, Musial doesn't appear worthy of such a high pick. He isn't bad, but just not that great.

3.3 - DT Todd Jeffries, SMU - 20/57 25/54
Most of what Jeffries brings to the table are stout run defense but he has shown, in moments, the ability to have some quickness to slash into the gaps and pressure the quarterback. He is a little bit of a raw talent but could be a quality starter if he develops well.
Still a bit of a project player, it appears Jeffries may still be a solid DT in the future.

4.2 - CB Ronnie Benson, Columbia - 28/36 33/41
Benson profiles as a decent man-to-man press corner but his conditioning leaves something to be desired. With little experience on ST, he is more likely to be on the roster bubble than a lock to contribute.
Not even getting into the first pre-season game, Benson improved a little so there is hope he could still grow into a role. More likely he sticks as a nickel guy if he continues this trend.

5.1 - S Wade Ramirez, USC - 34/52 42/52
While not known as an aggressive enforcer, Ramirez has shown at times he can be a decent deep coverage player with decent ball skills. He didn't have a lot of game tape, coming on as a senior at USC, so is a bit of an unknown entity.
If I were to predict, I would have expected Ramirez to drop off in rating. Instead he held solid and improved by 8 points in current.

6.3 - OLB Brian Shapiro, Oklahoma State - 22/46 29/43
A convert to outside backer while in college, Shapiro may end up a better fit at defensive end in the pros still. He may not be stout enough to anchor the edge but may not be quick enough to play in space.
Shapiro remains a little over-sized for the position but it's hard to ignore his zone coverage skills. He will get to rest on the bench mostly for now.

7.2 WR Gustavo King, Colorado State - 23/41 23/33
King is more of a track athlete than a football player. However, he dabbled in football in college so there's always a chance he can contribute in the CFL. Inferno management would definitely prefer he contributed more on special teams so his talent could be used right away.
So it turns out the transition to the CFL was especially tough for the speedy King. He will hang on for now in the hope he surprises in the next season or two, unless we find a better option in next year's draft.

Updated with Post-PS2 ratings and comments

by BazookaJohnny at Tue Sep 27, 2022 06:29 AM

Updated with Post-PS2 ratings and comments

by BazookaJohnny at Tue Sep 27, 2022 06:30 AM

2065 Mock Draft


JJ Smitty
Thu Sep 08 09:02 AM

This is all just for fun, enjoy;

Draft utility ready for 2065 draft, starts 9/8 @ 10 am MST


JJ Smitty
Thu Aug 25 07:19 AM

Link: http://www.thecfl.us/fof_draft/

To register, go to the link above and select the register tab. Your username is your teams full city name. For example, my username is Omaha.

Make sure you use the name below for your team;

Atlantic City
Boise City
Death Valley
El Paso
Iowa City
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
San Antonio
Santa Cruz
St. Louis

As always, you must register before the draft clock starts or your picks will be autopicked for you.

Draft runs from 6 am MST to 10 pm MST.

Draft time;

Round 1: 2 hours
Round 2: 2 hours
Round 3: 1 hour
Round 4: 1 hour
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 30 Minutes
Round 7: 30 Minutes

If you miss a pick then your time is reduced for the remaining rounds.

Please register early and let me know if you see any problems. Happy drafting!

Instructions for LIVE Coaches Draft: August 23 @ 6 pm MST


JJ Smitty
Tue Aug 16 03:00 PM

Instructions for the LIVE Coaches Draft:

Time\Date: August 23rd @ 6 pm MST

Using Discord to Chat and Streaming this year


Open the Retain Staff window and when you click on "Finished with Renegotiation's" the Set Staff Draft window will appear.

This is where you will set your preferences for your coaches but this doesn't work in game for the live coaches draft so you have a couple choices;

1. Join the live coaches draft and draft live using discord

2. Send in a list of coaches you want me to draft for you. example below;

3. Just go with what you have, I'll skip your pick. (This is a change so the CPU doesn't change your coaches on their own)

Make a list of the open coaches from the game.

Live Draft Preference list example list;

Owner - JJSmitty
Team - Omaha

Head Coach;

1. Johnny Rogers - 43
2. Tommy Thomas - 54
3. Reggie Riley - 61
4. Rich Rod - 34
5. Keep my guy

Off Coordinator;

Name - Age
1. Timmy Toms - RB - West Coast - 47
2. Ron Hashpipe - QB - Spread - 51
3. Lonnie Morrison - WR - West Coast - 60
4. Willy Wiskey - OL - Balance - 37
5. Bill Smith -WR - Spread - 57

Def Coordinator;

Going to keep him

and so on with the other coaches.

Also, remember to PM me your list or join the Draft live. If not, I'll skip your pick so the computer doesn't change your coaches on their own.

*** I'm using Discord to Stream the draft, it works much better than twitch, it's almost in real time with discord.

Thanks guys and lets have some fun with this.

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

Atlantic City Phantoms (jamesumd1)
Atlantic City PS block

Boston Blizzard (slimmikey)
Boston Blizzard Block

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

New Orleans Voodoo (BGBob)
New Orleans PS Block

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR PS block - RB, WR, EDGE

Oregon Bandits (mac88)
1.1 up for grabs

Tucson Toros (Teutoberg)
55 Rated ILB Available

Las Vegas Rounders (TurfToe)
Vegas Block - 2065

Omaha Arrowheads (JJ Smitty)

Detroit Vampires (zenzog)
Detroit 2065 Trade Block

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)
Shreveport Trade Block

St. Louis Silverbacks (JimmyJ)
St. Louis Block

Atlantic City Phantoms (jamesumd1)
Atlantic City Trade block

Atlanta Firebirds (FlexD)
Atlanta Trade Block

Ohio Sentries (King kosar)
Ohio trade Block

Detroit Vampires (zenzog)
Detroit 2064 Trade Block

St. Louis Silverbacks (JimmyJ)
St. Louis Block

Atlanta Firebirds (FlexD)
Atlanta Trade Block