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2068 Las Vegas Draft Review


Wed Sep 27 03:07 PM

2068 Las Vegas Rounders Draft Review

Las Vegas entered 2068 ranked 7th in rushing with RB Noah Finley leading the ground game with over 1300 yards rushing after he and Mark Gredzinski both gained over 1000 yards rushing in 2066. Finley's contract talks garnered most of the off-season attention in Vegas with many expecting the Rounders to move up to land their franchise QB or a new running back in the 2068 draft.

1-29 (29)
Marlon Hardy DT Baylor
6'2" 303 lbs

Despite many rumors about possible trades, Vegas stood pat at 1.29 and was rewarded with Baylor's stand-out DT, Marlon Hardy. Some think Hardy may be the most impactful defensive lineman in the 2068 draft. Hardy joins an experienced front seven in Vegas and will be featured in the rotation immediately.

2-29 (61)
Gabriel Lane S Colorado State
6'1" 213 lbs

For the 2nd year in a row, Vegas takes a Safety with their 2nd round pick. Last year, Vegas selected FS Willie Covington who started 7 games in 2067. Lane brings outstanding man coverage and physicality to a young Vegas secondary that has Erick Watkins as the lone holdover at Safety from the previous version of the Vegas defense.

3-25 (89)
Ruben Schroeder WR Arizona State
6'2" 201 lbs

The Rounders pressed the reset button on the WR room with the McSwag McSwain trade to Boston. Rumblings of other significant moves at the position were confirmed when Vegas selected 3 WR's in the 2068 draft, the first of which was Arizona State's Ruben Schroeder. Schroeder's size and 4.41 speed result in big plays and 3rd down conversions that run the current version of the Rounders' offense. Fans have been reminded that the Roush era is here with an offense that is far more methodical (reads: boring) than it was during McKnight's reign, but yards after the catch and chunk plays are the fuel to the new engine. Schroeder has the skills to fit this offense.

3-29 (93)
Jamal Coward TE Mississippi
6'3" 251 lbs

TurfToe seemed hell-bent on going TE with this pick and rumor has it the war room was divided between Jamal Coward and Carlos Bradetich. Reports indicate it came down to the difference in blocking strength and hands between these two and Coward won out in the staff's eyes. Coward will get a chance to earn a roster spot in the passing game and on special teams.

4-22 (118)
Jay Burgess WR Alabama
5'11" 192 lbs

Jay Burgess was the 2nd WR selected as part of the receiver room overhaul showcasing similar skills to Schroeder. Burgess lacks Schroeder's size but brings a superior route-running ability that should help Roush in his second season as a starter. Burgess's ability to move the chains and generate chunk plays was very pronounced on film. Burgess is a raw prospect but has the motor and football IQ to succeed at the next level.

4-23 (119)
Damian Latschaw OLB Oklahoma
6'0" 236 lbs

Latschaw joins one of the best LB corps in the CFL. He was brought in as a coverage specialist and should make a noticeable impact on passing downs and special teams. If Latschaw can get some plusses on film in the running game, he may cement his spot as a backup OLB on this roster.

4-29 (125)
Amos Pitcher P Morningside
6'2" 215 lbs

Journeyman punter Jesse Givens started showing his age last season, so Morningside's Amos Pitcher was brought in to compete after his solid showing at the CFL combine. Pitcher embarassed some of the QB's at the combine and some scouts actually thought he was one of this class's QB's during his workout. Pitcher brings a powerful leg along with passing and rushing skills that can be leveraged on fakes on both punts and from the holder position on FG's.

5-11 (139)
Brady Floyd RB Washington State
5'11" 216 lbs

Many pundits expected Vegas to settle their contract issues with Noah Finley by selecting one of the many top runners in this class. Instead, Vegas waited until the 5th round to grab a runner and they selected an interesting prospect in Floyd. Floyd brings elusiveness that Vegas fans haven't seen since Gmerek's days in the black and pink. Floyd has the quickness to hit the hole or get to the outside but lacks a second gear needed to consistently break off big plays. He lacks hands even though he runs precise routes and has a knack for moving the chains in the passing game. Reps in the pre-season will be key to understanding Floyd's future as a Rounder.

5-29 (157)
Mason Gillespie C Alabama
5'11" 283 lbs

Sophomore center Ed Hutton managed a handful of starts last season and did well enough for Vegas to release long-time center Soltis. Hutton has big shoes to fill and Alabama's Mason Gillespie was brought in for support. Gillespie demonstrated similar skills as Hutton, but scouts are concerned with his size. If he is unable to put on some more weight, this level may prove too much for the rookie.

6-29 (189)
Caleb Stuart WR Miami Florida
5'9" 189 lbs

Caleb Stuart was the 3rd receiver selected by Vegas in the 2068 draft. Stuart's ability to get downfield, move the chains, and adjust to poorly thrown balls made him essential to the receiver reload in Vegas. OC Jackie Tubbs said the one thing that stood out on Stuart was his catch radius and ability to catch poorly thrown balls despite his small stature. Definitely a guy to watch as the pre-season unfolds.

Santa Cruz 2068 Draft Review (no AI was harmed in the making of this)


Cheesehead Craig
Mon Sep 25 07:17 PM

Come on in and stay a while, the water's warm.

1.21 CB Samuel Wilczewski

A 3 year starter at Notre Dame, Sam comes in with all the pedigree for success. His father was a CB in the now defunct DFL. He was a 2 sport state champion in high school in football and basketball. He was actually given the choice to play either sport at Notre Dame, and chose the gridiron. He ranks 3rd all time on the INT list at ND, and 2nd in PDs. He'll be a huge part of the rebuilding Privateer secondary.

Pre TC - 40/69

2.21 S William Harmon

Cheesehead went back for more secondary help with Harmon out of Colorado State with this Mountain West First-Team Safety. Great size and on the field he shines on tape. Very assignment sure, makes plays, and brings the pain on contact. He's going to be an excellent compliment to "LEEEROYYY" Jenkins back at Safety. Also is a madman on special teams.

Pre TC: 23/48

3.21 G Dustin Lindie

While Dustin played Guard in college at Baylor, he's moving to Tackle for the Privateers. His size is a perfect fit for RT. With the OL needing help, Dustin's arrival is welcome. His combine supports the move even more.

Pre TC: 17/52

4.21 LB Jorge Broussard

This was one that had many in the Santa Cruz area shaking their heads about. "What the hell kind of project is this" - Kip Wellington, SC Gazette. "See, this is why this team makes me drink" - Shawn O'Malley, Cruz Control Blog. "This idiot single handedly lost his team games last season, and so did this pick" - Mel Kiper's head in a jar, ESPN. Well, he's going to get moved to DE and we'll see what happens, won't we.

Pre TC: 22/48

5.21 DT Leland Novack & 6.21 DT Hector Drake

Since they play the same position and were back to back picks, we'll do them both together (giggle, giggle). Defensive Tackle was a big need and these guys can both stop the run and rush the passer. Novack is the more complete of the two of them and should see a lot of playing time, especially on passing downs. Drake will come in more on run downs and has a great nose for the ball. With the majority of runs in the CFL going up the middle, his presence will greatly needed.

Pre TC: 24/46, 17/50

Ohio Aviators Draft/Introductory Pressers

1 comment

Thu Sep 21 12:39 PM


I'd like to thank everyone for coming today; I know I did not give you all a chance to talk to me when I was hired here, but due to the ways things ended for the previous guy, I was kind brought in at the last moment. I have been busy at work looking over the roster finding what needed to change around here. Luckily the fun part started tonight and am excited to start molding the team to my vision. With that I will open the floor to any questions.

Sarah: Kodi, what led you to select Hayden Pearson in the first round? What qualities and skills did you see in him that made him the right choice for our team?

Kodi: With Hayden, it was a very easy choice for us. First of all, he has some of the best hand-placement I have seen from a young guy like him; combined that with his Football IQ, he showed all he needed to secure himself as the best OLineman, let alone Guard, in this class. The tape shows his pure technique and strength perfectly fine, he didnt need to run around in shorts to prove it to us.

John: Offensive linemen are often crucial to a team's success, but they don't always receive the same attention as skill positions. How important is Hayden's role in our offensive strategy, and how do you see him fitting into our offensive scheme?

Kodi: Yeah, that's kind of the theme in todays league. Your superstars like "Sugarfoot" in San Antonio, or guys like Rotzell over in Texas.. those guys have the whole league looking at them, but without the guys up front; they don't have the ability to go out and make plays. Needless to say, without the Offensive Line, there is no offense. Hayden is gonna be the centerpiece and anchor of a rebuilt young O-Line. Might not be a "sexy" pick, but will begin the start of the new era of Ohio football.

Emily: Can you share some insights into the scouting and evaluation process that led to Hayden Pearson's selection? Were there any standout moments or qualities that convinced you he was the right choice?

Kodi: I mentioned earlier that his tape stood out on its own; but I cant get over week 5 this last year. W&M were on the road against Wofford, and everyone was there looking at Cote. I am not gonna lie, we were there strictly for Cote, but when his team was on the sideline, I couldn't stop staring at Hayden. He was having his way with Woffords front 7. Getting to the second level on double teams, steam rolling an open running lane, or being a brick wall on pass protection. At that moment I knew i was going to be the one to draft this kid. Honestly its criminal he actually made it to us at 11.

Michael: As GM, how do you envision Hayden Pearson's presence impacting the overall team dynamic, both on and off the field?

Kodi: Man, I just got off the phone with the kid, and he ceases to amaze me. He is such an upstanding guy. In our interview with him, he would not stop talking about the ways he could be better. He has that drive to be the best out there. Thats something this team desperately needs, the drive to be the best of the best. We are changing the feel of this locker room and Hayden is gonna be the focal point of all of that.

Olivia: Lastly, can you provide some insights into the long-term vision for Hayden Pearson within the organization? What expectations do you have for his development over the coming seasons?

Kodi: Like I have said several times tonight, we envision him being the starting LG for the foreseeable future; but honestly that's nothing compared to the expectations this kid has placed on himself. I'm just so excited to get him into the building, and get this offense gelling.

Jason: That's all the time we have today everyone.

Kodi: Once again, I'd like thank everyone for coming. I am looking forward to making this the best damn football team Ohio has seen.

Jason: We will be back tomorrow night after rounds two and three, as well as Hayden when he gets into the building here tomorrow or Saturday night. Have a good night.

Jason: Thank you all for joining us today. We're excited to introduce our first-round draft pick, LG Hayden Pearson. Let's start with questions about Hayden.

Olivia: Hayden, congratulations on being selected in the first round. Can you share your initial thoughts and feelings about joining this team and becoming a part of the NFL?

Hayden Pearson: Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm incredibly excited to be here. It's a dream come true to be drafted in the first round and to have the opportunity to contribute to this team's success.

John: Hayden, offensive linemen are often described as the unsung heroes of the game. What strengths and skills do you believe you bring to the team, and how do you plan to make an impact right away?

Hayden Pearson: Absolutely, offensive linemen play a crucial role in protecting the quarterback and opening up running lanes. I believe my strength and agility will help me excel in both pass protection and run blocking. I'm ready to put in the work and do whatever it takes to help this team succeed.

Mike: The NFL is known for its physicality and the strength of defensive linemen. How do you plan to adapt to the challenges of facing top-notch defensive players week in and week out?

Hayden Pearson: Great question. The NFL is a step up in competition, and I understand the challenges that come with it. I'll be working closely with the coaching staff and my fellow linemen to continue improving my skills and techniques. I'm excited to embrace the competition and keep learning from it.

Joseph : Can you talk about your college experience and how it prepared you for this moment? Are there any particular games or matchups that you feel were turning points in your development as a player?

Hayden Pearson: My college experience was invaluable in preparing me for the NFL. I faced some top-tier defensive linemen during my college career, and those matchups certainly helped me grow as a player. There were a few standout games where I felt I took significant strides in my development, and I'm eager to build on that foundation at the professional level.

Alexandria: Lastly, what are your personal goals for your rookie season, and how do you see yourself contributing to the team's success?

Hayden Pearson: My main goal for my rookie season is to earn the trust of my teammates and coaches. I want to be a dependable and consistent presence on the offensive line, doing my part to protect the quarterback and create opportunities for our running backs. Ultimately, my focus is on contributing to our team's success in any way I can.

Jason: Thanks everyone, Kodi should be out here in a few hours to give his thoughts on Day 2 of the draft.

by Klockwork at Fri Sep 22, 2023 09:52 PM

Texas Inferno Draft Review (brought to you by Chatgpt)


Thu Sep 21 08:32 AM

Hey there, football aficionados! If you haven't heard the name Sedrick Rodriguez yet, you're in for a treat. The Texas Inferno made a game-changing move in the 2068 CFL draft by snagging this young star linebacker as the 6th overall pick. But who is Sedrick Rodriguez, and what makes him a force to be reckoned with on the field?

Standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 234 pounds, Rodriguez isn't your average linebacker. He's a powerhouse of talent, and his stats speak volumes. With a lightning-fast 4.73-second 40-yard dash time, he's got the speed to match his brute strength. But it's not just about speed; it's about instincts and raw talent, and that's where Rodriguez truly shines.

Section 2: Unleashing the Tackling Machine: Rodriguez's Defensive Prowess

When it comes to tackling, Sedrick Rodriguez is in a league of his own. He's not just good; he's prolific. Whether it's wrapping up ball carriers or taking down quarterbacks, Rodriguez has an uncanny ability to find his mark on the field. Those instincts of his? They're nothing short of remarkable.

His tackles aren't just about brute force; they're calculated and precise. Rodriguez reads the game like a seasoned veteran, anticipating plays before they even unfold. This rare ability to dissect the opponent's strategy makes him a nightmare for offenses to deal with.

But wait, there's more. Rodriguez's journey with the Texas Inferno is just beginning, and the buzz around him suggests that he's not just going to be another face on the roster. Brace yourselves for what could be an electrifying season as he's touted as a top contender for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. It's safe to say, the future of the Texas Inferno's defense looks brighter than ever.

Durham Draft Review (brought to you by ChatGPT)


Wed Sep 20 09:29 PM

1.28 Norbert Vijitakula, Defensive End, Northwestern State University


Physical Attributes:

Height: 78 inches (6'6")
Weight: 290 lbs

Combine Results (Comparison with Other DEs):

40-Yard Dash: 4.82 seconds (Above-average)
Solecismic (Intelligence Test): 33 (Exceptional)
Bench Press (225 lbs): 30 repetitions (Above-average)
Agility (3-Cone Drill): 7.33 seconds (Above-average)
Vertical Jump: 33 inches (Competitive)
Broad Jump: 124 inches (10 feet, 4 inches) (Excellent)


Exceptional Intelligence: Norbert Vijitakula's Solecismic score of 33 places him among the most intelligent players at his position. His cognitive abilities can significantly contribute to understanding complex defensive schemes and making quick, strategic decisions on the field.

Size and Length: Standing at 6'6" with an impressive wingspan, Vijitakula possesses ideal size and length for a defensive end. This physicality allows him to disrupt passing lanes and make it challenging for quarterbacks to release the ball.

Explosive Burst: His 40-yard dash time of 4.82 seconds showcases an explosive first step off the line of scrimmage. This quickness provides him an advantage in getting past offensive linemen and reaching the quarterback.

Upper-Body Strength: With 30 repetitions on the bench press, Vijitakula demonstrates notable upper-body strength. This attribute helps him effectively shed blockers, control the line of scrimmage, and dominate in one-on-one matchups.

Agility: His above-average performance in the 3-cone drill (7.33 seconds) indicates good agility for a player of his size. This agility allows him to change direction rapidly and react to plays effectively.

Explosive Jumping Ability: Vijitakula's vertical jump of 33 inches and broad jump of 124 inches reveal impressive lower-body explosiveness. This athleticism enables him to contest passes at the line of scrimmage and make plays in the backfield.

Comparative Analysis:

In terms of speed (40-yard dash), Vijitakula falls in the middle of the pack among the defensive ends.
His bench press results indicate above-average upper-body strength, making him a competitive force in the trenches.
His agility and quickness (3-cone drill) are above average, showcasing his ability to maneuver effectively.
Vijitakula's explosive jumping ability (vertical and broad jump) is highly competitive and allows him to disrupt plays effectively.

Areas for Improvement:

Technique Refinement: Vijitakula can further refine his pass-rushing technique, focusing on hand placement and a wider range of pass-rush moves to consistently disengage from blockers.

Run Defense Awareness: Enhancing recognition of run plays and maintaining gap integrity will be vital for becoming a more well-rounded defensive end.

Consistency: Maintaining a high level of performance and consistency in all facets of his game, including pass-rushing, run defense, and special teams, is essential to excel at the professional level.

Overall Assessment:
Norbert Vijitakula is an intriguing prospect at the defensive end position, drafted in the first round by the Durham Bulldogs in the Continental Football League. His combination of size, intelligence, strength, and explosiveness sets him apart as a well-rounded defensive end with the potential to make a significant impact on the field. His exceptional Solecismic score highlights his intelligence and strategic abilities, which can be invaluable in understanding and executing defensive schemes. With continued development in technique and consistency, Vijitakula has the tools to become a standout defensive end in the league and potentially make his mark at higher levels of football.

2.16 Ted Medskar, Running Back, Texas A&M University


Physical Attributes:

Height: 72 inches (6'0")
Weight: 229 lbs

Combine Results (Comparison with Other RBs):

40-Yard Dash: 4.60 seconds (Above-average)
Solecismic (Intelligence Test): 18 (Above-average)
Bench Press (225 lbs): 23 repetitions (Above-average)
3-Cone Drill: 7.68 seconds (Above-average)
Vertical Jump: 33 inches (Excellent)
Broad Jump: 125 inches (10 feet, 5 inches) (Excellent)
Position-Specific Rating: 33 (Outstanding)


Speed: Ted Medskar's 40-yard dash time of 4.60 seconds demonstrates above-average speed for a running back. His quick acceleration allows him to break away from defenders and create big plays in the open field.

Strength: Medskar's bench press performance of 23 repetitions indicates significant upper-body strength for a running back. This strength can help him break tackles, gain extra yards after contact, and pass block effectively.

Agility: His 3-cone drill time of 7.68 seconds showcases above-average agility and the ability to change direction quickly. This agility can be valuable in evading tacklers and making sharp cuts.

Explosiveness: Medskar's excellent vertical jump of 33 inches and broad jump of 125 inches highlight his lower-body explosiveness. This explosiveness allows him to leap over defenders and burst through small openings in the defense.

Position-Specific Rating: His outstanding position-specific rating of 33 suggests that Medskar possesses a deep understanding of the running back position and its nuances, making him a well-rounded and intelligent player.

Comparative Analysis:

In terms of speed (40-yard dash), Medskar's time is above-average compared to other running backs.
His bench press results indicate above-average upper-body strength, making him a competitive force in short-yardage situations.
His agility, as demonstrated in the 3-cone drill, is above average among his peers, indicating his ability to make quick cuts and changes of direction.
Medskar's explosiveness, as measured by his vertical and broad jump, is excellent and sets him apart as an explosive athlete.

Areas for Improvement:

Ball Security: Medskar should work on improving ball security, ensuring that he consistently protects the football when carrying it, as fumbles can be costly for running backs.

Route Running: Enhancing his route-running skills and pass-catching ability out of the backfield can make him a more versatile weapon in both the running and passing game.

Pass Protection: Developing his pass protection skills will be crucial, especially in picking up blitzes and providing adequate protection for the quarterback.

Consistency: Maintaining a high level of performance and consistency in all facets of his game, including running, receiving, and blocking, is essential for success at the professional level.

Overall Assessment:
Ted Medskar is a promising running back prospect, drafted in the second round by the Durham Bulldogs in the Continental Football League. His combination of size, speed, strength, agility, and explosiveness positions him as a well-rounded running back with the potential to be a versatile weapon in both the running and passing game. His outstanding position-specific rating reflects a deep understanding of his position, making him a valuable asset in various offensive schemes. With continued development and refinement in key areas, Medskar has the potential to become a dynamic contributor to the Bulldogs and make a significant impact in the league.

by Soxnation at Thu Sep 21, 2023 07:22 AM

3.12 Mason Hartman, Cornerback, University of Indiana


Physical Attributes:

Height: 69 inches (5'9")
Weight: 181 lbs

Combine Results (Comparison with Other CBs):

40-Yard Dash: 4.46 seconds (Above-average)
Solecismic (Intelligence Test): 34 (Outstanding)
Bench Press (225 lbs): 14 repetitions (Above-average)
3-Cone Drill: 3.89 seconds (Outstanding)
Vertical Jump: 52 inches (Exceptional)
Broad Jump: 103 inches (8 feet, 7 inches) (Above-average)


Speed: Mason Hartman's 40-yard dash time of 4.46 seconds showcases above-average speed for a cornerback. This speed allows him to keep up with fast receivers and recover in coverage.

Intelligence: Hartman's Solecismic score of 34 is outstanding, indicating strong cognitive abilities. His intelligence is a valuable asset in reading plays, anticipating routes, and making quick decisions.

Agility: His 3-cone drill time of 3.89 seconds is exceptional, highlighting his ability to change direction with precision. This agility is vital for maintaining tight coverage and breaking on the ball effectively.

Vertical Jump: With an exceptional vertical jump of 52 inches, Hartman possesses the ability to contest high throws and win jump-ball situations against taller receivers.

Comparative Analysis:

In terms of speed (40-yard dash), Hartman's time is above-average compared to other cornerbacks in the draft class.
His Solecismic score is outstanding, reflecting his high football IQ and ability to read and react to plays effectively.
Hartman's exceptional 3-cone drill time sets him apart as a cornerback with elite agility and quickness.

Areas for Improvement:

Physicality: Hartman, being slightly undersized, should focus on improving his physicality in press coverage and tackling to handle bigger and stronger receivers effectively.

Ball Skills: While his intelligence helps him anticipate plays, enhancing his ball skills, including tracking and catching interceptions, can make him a more impactful playmaker in the secondary.

Strength: Further developing his strength, especially in one-on-one battles with receivers, can aid in disrupting routes and winning contested catches.

Consistency: Maintaining a high level of performance and consistency in coverage and tackling will be essential for success at the professional level.

Overall Assessment:
Mason Hartman is a promising cornerback prospect drafted by the Durham Bulldogs in the Continental Football League. Despite his slightly undersized frame, his exceptional speed, agility, intelligence, and impressive vertical jump make him a formidable presence in the secondary. With continued development in physicality, ball skills, and strength, Hartman has the potential to become a valuable asset to the Bulldogs' defense, effectively shutting down opposing receivers and making game-changing plays. His outstanding cognitive abilities and exceptional agility position him as a corner who can excel in a variety of defensive schemes.

by Soxnation at Thu Sep 21, 2023 07:22 AM

3.15 Steven Primeau, Defensive Tackle, University of Akron


Physical Attributes:

Height: 74 inches (6'2")
Weight: 303 lbs

Combine Results (Comparison with Other DTs):

40-Yard Dash: 5.17 seconds (Above Average)
Solecismic (Intelligence Test): 33 (Above Average)
Bench Press (225 lbs): 34 repetitions (Excellent)
3-Cone Drill: 6.44 seconds (Excellent)
Vertical Jump: 29 inches (Average)
Broad Jump: 9 feet, 4 inches (Excellent)


Size and Strength: Steven Primeau boasts impressive size and strength, standing at 6'2" and weighing 303 pounds. His physical attributes make him a formidable presence on the defensive line, capable of holding the point of attack.

Solecismic (Intelligence Test): Primeau scored 33 on the Solecismic test, indicating above-average intelligence for a defensive tackle. His ability to read and react to plays quickly is a valuable asset.

Bench Press: His 34 repetitions on the bench press showcase his upper-body strength, which allows him to overpower offensive linemen and shed blocks effectively.

Versatile Pass Rusher: Primeau's agility, as evidenced by his 3-cone drill time, enables him to be a versatile pass rusher. He can use a variety of moves, including bull rushes and swim moves, to disrupt the pocket.

Comparative Analysis:

Primeau's 40-yard dash time is above average compared to other defensive tackles in the draft class.
His Solecismic score is higher than the average, indicating his above-average intelligence.
Primeau's bench press performance is excellent, showcasing his exceptional upper-body strength.
His 3-cone drill time is excellent, indicating his agility is a standout attribute.
While his vertical jump is average, his broad jump is excellent.

Areas for Improvement:

Consistency: Primeau must maintain consistent performance throughout the game. Avoiding fatigue and penalties is crucial.

Pass Rush Technique: While versatile, Primeau should continue refining his pass rush techniques to become even more effective at the next level.

Leverage and Hand Placement: Improving his leverage and hand placement can help him control offensive linemen better and win more one-on-one battles.

Conditioning: Enhancing his stamina and endurance will enable him to stay impactful late in games.

Overall Assessment:
Steven Primeau is an imposing defensive tackle prospect known for his size, strength, and intelligence. He performed exceptionally well in several combine drills, indicating his potential to be a disruptive force on the defensive line. With his impressive Solecismic score, he can quickly diagnose plays and react effectively.

Drafted by the Durham Bulldogs in the Continental Football League, Primeau outperformed many of his peers in key combine tests, including the 40-yard dash, bench press, and 3-cone drill. Continued development in pass rush techniques, consistent performance, and improved conditioning will be keys to his success at the professional level. With dedication and refinement, he can become a key contributor on the Bulldogs' defensive line, impacting both run defense and pass rush situations.

by Soxnation at Thu Sep 21, 2023 07:22 AM


by Soxnation at Thu Sep 21, 2023 07:22 AM


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by Soxnation at Fri Sep 22, 2023 01:30 PM

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR 2068 Early - excess depth at WR

St. Louis Silverbacks (JimmyJ)
St. Louis Fire Sale

Oregon Bandits (mac88)
Oregon Block

Honolulu Sharks (SweenDawg)
Honolulu 2068 Block

Tennessee Militia (Aamalin)
Militia Block

Denver Dynomite (Bal D'Locs)
Denver TRADE BLOCK - 4-3 LB's available

Durham Bulldogs (Soxnation)
Durham Trade Block

San Antonio Stingers (hbcook86)
San Antonio 2068 Block

Texas Inferno (BazookaJohnny)
QB Bart Marsh 66/66

Santa Cruz Privateers (Cheesehead Craig)
Santa Cruz Block - QB available

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

Hartford Attack (Masked)
Hartford Block (DE)