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Santa Cruz 2064 Draft

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Cheesehead Craig
Tue May 10 07:06 PM

After a few seasons of hiatus, The Best Damn Draft Review (trademark pending) is back!

1.5 WR Pat Guthrie


Last season when WR Sanderson was missing for 9 games, the pass game suffered greatly. Had to get some help. Quick, what did the shirt say without looking back?

Pre TC - 37/59

2.4 T Rufus Aneigh


With a revolving door at T last season, we needed to get an upgrade and this draft was quite deep at T so we were able to get our man in the 2nd round. Plus, he's from Milwaukee, WI so bonus points!

Pre TC - 20/54

3.3 G Dakota Stephenson


More help for the OL is the pick here. Dakota had a fantastic combine and apparently is a swimmer. Hence the big, um endurance bar, yeah, that's the ticket.

Pre TC - 24/49

3.26 DT Gabe Harris


Needed a PHAT body up front to help with the run stuffing and some solid pass rushing. Got bars in all the right places, wink.

Pre TC - 24/49

3.32 CB David Blair


Our CB corps is starting to age and we need to start working on the succession plan. David is a solid start to that. Plus, he's 6' tall, which helps a lot. Plus, he's a snazzy dresser.

Pre TC - 28/40

4.2 RB Noah Haight


Yee-fucking-haw! Solid receiving back and a bit of thunder to Morton's lightning. Good change of pace back.

Pre TC - 24/40

5.6 DE Ricky Matthews


And now, a word from our sponsor. Corona, the official beer you can put fruit in of the Santa Cruz draft review. Todas disfrutan el Sabado Gigante!

Pre TC - 28/46

6.5 S Allen Westerman


He's tall, he's fast, he likes to wear yoga pants! We don't judge (out loud, the CBA outlaws that) but locker room hazing is perfectly ok.

Pre TC - 18/38

7.4 CB Grayson Shively


I forgot what I was going to say here. Carry on all.

Pre TC - 21/44

I suddenly lost my thought....I swear I was going to post a draft thread of my own.....and then I forgot all about it after looking at the players Santa Cruz drafted.

by jamesumd1 at Wed May 11, 2022 04:40 AM

2064 Texas Inferno Draft Review


Fri May 06 05:27 PM

1.8 - RB Lincoln Gramatica, LSU - 51/59 54/58
Gramatica presents as an every-down back with decent receiving skills and good running instincts. He hits the hole with authority and has the explosiveness to break big runs. I am hopeful he brings our offense an extra push to make us competitive.

2.10 CB Ramone Cochrane, Miami - 24/54 28/43
While not ideal size for a starting CFL corner, Cochrane has decent ball skills and a natural ability to read plays. He would fit better in a 2nd CB role but who knows how he will develop.

3.9 DT K.C. Rife, Alabama - 42/52 19/23
Rife is a 3-Technique tackle, much like Greg Pancake, so will not be in the starting lineup right away. However, he should be able to contribute on a rotational basis right away and hopefully will develop into a quality starter down the road.

4.8 WR Carlos Sonner, Texas Tech - 26/43 28/40
A no-combine guy due to an end of the year injury, Sonner's route-running prowess caught our eye. I have low expectations beyond being a #3 or #4 option in the passing game but he may end up being a solid contributor.

4.25 P Frankie Mullaney, Illinois - 57/82 46/58
So this makes it 2 straight years we picked a punter in round 4. While Klaff was fair last year, he wasn't worthy of his draft slot. We're hoping Mullaney adjusts to the CFL game a bit better.


2064 CFL Mock Draft!


Fri May 06 12:50 AM

2nd Mock Draft in the CFL!

This time we had 7 owners participating instead of 5, while we had a few others who just chatted with us in discord while we made our picks. Was a good time! I will reveal the owners and right/wrong picks after round 1!

Draft utility ready for 2064 draft, starts 5/6 @ 10 am MST


JJ Smitty
Fri Apr 29 04:09 PM

Link: http://www.thecfl.us/fof_draft/

To register, go to the link above and select the register tab. Your username is your teams full city name. For example, my username is Omaha.

Make sure you use the name below for your team;

Atlantic City
Boise City
Death Valley
El Paso
Iowa City
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
San Antonio
Santa Cruz
St. Louis

As always, you must register before the draft clock starts or your picks will be autopicked for you.

Draft runs from 6 am MST to 10 pm MST.


Round 1: 2 hours
Round 2: 2 hours
Round 3: 1 hour
Round 4: 1 hour
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 30 Minutes
Round 7: 30 Minutes

If you miss a pick then your time is reduced for the remaining rounds.

Please register early and let me know if you see any problems. Happy drafting!

Instructions for LIVE Coaches Draft: April 27th @ 6 pm MST

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JJ Smitty
Wed Apr 20 08:19 PM

Instructions for the LIVE Coaches Draft:

Time\Date April 27th @ 6 pm MST

Using Discord to Chat and Streaming this year


Open the Retain Staff window and when you click on "Finished with Renegotiation's" the Set Staff Draft window will appear.

This is where you will set your preferences for your coaches but this doesn't work in game for the live coaches draft so you have a couple choices;

1. Join the live coaches draft and draft live using discord

2. Send in a list of coaches you want me to draft for you. example below;

3. Just go with what you have, I'll skip your pick. (This is a change so the CPU doesn't change your coaches on their own)

Make a list of the open coaches from the game.

Live Draft Preference list example list;

Owner - JJSmitty
Team - Omaha

Head Coach;

1. Johnny Rogers - 43
2. Tommy Thomas - 54
3. Reggie Riley - 61
4. Rich Rod - 34
5. Keep my guy

Off Coordinator;

Name - Age
1. Timmy Toms - RB - West Coast - 47
2. Ron Hashpipe - QB - Spread - 51
3. Lonnie Morrison - WR - West Coast - 60
4. Willy Wiskey - OL - Balance - 37
5. Bill Smith -WR - Spread - 57

Def Coordinator;

Going to keep him

and so on with the other coaches.

Also, remember to PM me your list or join the Draft live. If not, I'll skip your pick so the computer doesn't change your coaches on their own.

*** I'm using Discord to Stream the draft, it works much better than twitch, it's almost in real time with discord.

Thanks guys and lets have some fun with this.


by zenzog at Tue Apr 26, 2022 12:18 AM